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My favorite foods

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009


It’s Mango season in Subic.

I can take some Mangos in my back yard.


When I took some Mangos, these were not riped yet.

After 1 week I can eat.

It was small but very sweet!


Sometime I and Maki goes to the Bread Time.

That shop is near the main gate.

These only 180 pesos! (about 4USD)


We go Japanese restaurant Sakura.

It’s also near the Main gate.

This restaurant has real Japanese food.

This Sushi set is about 400 Pesos.

Samurai Japan

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009


Recently I and Maki are very exited because we watch the World Baseball Classic.

Today there was a final game of team Samurai Japan versus Korea.

The game was very close, it went into extra innings.


But at last our team Samurai Japan beat team korea.


A Japanese player Ichiro had a winning hit.

We like his play and personality.

My friend train once with him, he said Ichiro was quit but very nice person.

Anyway here’s today’s win!


The Big day

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009


Last Saturday I had a big day at Langkawi in Malaysia.

This is my 6 time Ironman and first time IM Langkawi.

I got 4th.

The time was 8:48:23

It’s 10minutes faster than my previous best time!

And the bike time 15minutes faster than it!!

I changed to super machine Cervero 2 weeks before the race.

Thanks Cervero and nice shoes AVIA.

I have been this teamTBB training camp while 1month, I could get 10minutes faster.

I have to say thank you to my coach Brett, Alex, teamTBB staff and members.

My next race will be Strongman Miyako in Japan on 19th Apr.

I’m staying Subic untill 11th Apr.

Anyway I’m OK. But suddenly I become very sleepy.

My wife Maki got 3rd.

She is exhausted and her legs are swelling.

She walks like a penguin still now.




Presented by Maki


She can buy many strawberry cheese cake!!!