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Miyako « Hiroyuki Nishiuchi’s Blog




We have arrived Miyako Japan for the Strongman race.

It was 3hours trip from Osaka.

I use this bike case which was made by my Phillippine freind Jumbo.

Thank you Jumbo!


We swam with new blewseventy wetsuites Helix.

It’s really good.

When I use this suites I don’t need kick.

I could swam like a speed boat!

In Myako there are no sea lice and jellyfishes.

This is the Strongman Myako’s site.


And this is live coverage (time boad)


Sorry, It’s Japanese…

But my race number is 976 and Maki is 977.

You can find from this number even Japanese site…

There are 1500 paticipatints!!!

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