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IM Louisville

I got 7th and Maki also 7th on this sunday at Louisville in U.S.

I chose this race because it was very hot in last year .

But it’s cool yeasterday.

I had not opened my front zipper during the race.

My bike was not  good…

Swim was good and Run was also good.

Espetially I could run sub 3hours.

The run time is 2:56.

This run time is as same as my personal best.

I think my training is going well after IM Japan.

Anyway I could get a spot to Kona.

I’m so exiting!!!


Before the start.


Still dark…


This is finish area.

It’s in the down town of Louisville.


I said again.

Ohio river is very clean…

Even I drunk this water during swim, I’m still OK.


I don’t know…

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