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Maki’s IM Hawai « Hiroyuki Nishiuchi’s Blog


Maki’s IM Hawai

Maki was 34th at Kona.

She was not so good on bike.

She said she tried push hard and hard but she couldn’t.

She flet so bad on bike so she was shocked.

After finish she got sick from dehydration.

She went the medical tent and had three packs intravenous but she did not get well.

We had to go a hospital by an umbulance.

She had one more pack intravenous and some medicine, she was getting better.

We back to our home at 4am…

Anyway I realize the cause of  her slow bike.

I had to pick up her bike because she went to the medical tent.

I pushed her bike but it did not move.

I saw one of  front wheel’s spoke was broken.

So the wheel didn’t move.


I told her this problem at the hospital she was in relief and getting better.

I think everybody can realize when a spoke is broken like this…

I don’t know she is a monstor or not.

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