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My second time IM Louisville

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

As you know, it was really hot in Louisville.

Last year it was not so hot like yesterday.

I swam in the second group. Then push hard on bike.

I saw my watch at the 90km mark, the time was 02:23.

It was my best time.

But then, I had krampy legs, so had to slow down…

Sports drink and gels were too sweet in heat.

There were not so much aid stations and it was so difficult to catch the water pet bottle.

So some athletes got dehydration include Maki.

Maki quit at the 160km mark on the bike.

I start from 11th on run.

My coach said if it’s too far to 5th, I had to quit the race, because I’m racing IM 70.3 Japan  next three weeks and Kona.

I catched up until 6th at the end of 1st lap, but there was 8min to 5th.

I decided to quit the race.

It’s first time to quit race in my race career, over than 200 races.
But it’s good for IM 70.3 Japan and Kona.

I took some photos and video.

Only champion can sit on the man’s lap…

YouTube Preview Image

Congratuations Bek!

The day before IM Louisville

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

It’s the day before of IM Louisville.

We checked in the bikes today.

I had ESPN interview.

Please use easy English… 

Ohio river.

OK, I see…

There was practice swim today.

I did not swim because…

I saw these yesterday.

So I decided to save my energy for the race.

There are 3000 participants.

Maki’s P4.

She calls it “Momo”.

It’s mean peach in Japanese.

And my cervelo P4 with Token weels, 3T  DH bar and ISM saddle.

This is finish area.

There is a KFC on left side.

We talked with Wongstar to go KFC after the race:)

Ironman Asia(Korea Jeju) race report

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

I’m reporting Ironman Asia at Korea Jeju island.

Sorry for late post.

I couldn’t get pictures.

It was just Kona qualifing event because Ironman Japan was officially cancelled.

Even though, 200 to 300 participants went to Jeju island from Japan.


Picture with Toruharubans.



We love Korean food.

Especially Maki loves spicy food.



It’s only 10USD for two person.



We found good and cheap lunch box shop.

This is only 3USD!!!



I don’t like spicy food, so I choose this.



Maki is lerning Korean cooking from the lady.

She doesn’t speak Korean but she uses “Makiglish” or “Makinese” everywhere.



There are two 50m indoor pools in Jeju.

We used this pool at last TBB camp too.



Carbo party. Mostly western food.



P4s and Token weeles are waiting the race.



Maki loves pink.

I changed outer cables for her.

It took 3 hours…



She calles this “Smiley Maki”.



The camera crews came form Japan.



Swim was cancelled cause by bad weather.

It was heavy rain sometimes and the ocean was choppy.

Start from 180km Bike.

We were leaving at  3 seconds intervals.

It’s like Tour de France! 




This is not during worming up.

In the race…



The course was almost flat but after 110km there is one big hill.



Still smiling even at the hill.



Women champion Emi Shiono is using P4 too.



After big hill, fog closed in over the course.

Visibility was really poor like this.

We can’t see when down the hill.



Run course was hilly.



And humid after rain.



We are sorry for buleseventy.

We have gotten new tri suits after this race. 



Maki was 2nd.



I was 3rd.



See you Toruharuban!