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Sunday, February 22nd, 2009


It started with a Discovery Channel program (I’ve watched a lot of Discovery recently!) on how they make curling stones. Turns out it is an intricate business with special granite being used and lots of diamond-tipped cutters involved… Jonnyo was really interested by the whole thing. But I have to say, if Polo is the sport of Kings, then Curling must be the sport of Jesters – really only there for people to tease and poke fun at! ;)

Let me cover myself by saying that curling is something that I know very little about – it’s not big in South Africa (anything involving ice is not big in South Africa!). All I know is what Jonnyo managed to teach me in a 5min taxi ride the other day. However, seeing that there are so many Canadians on the team, it was inevitable that it would come up at some point.
Jonnyo got quite animated in trying to teach me the positions (apparently they’re called position 1, position 2 and position 3 – who’d have thought?) and to tell me that the sweeping is the hardest part, and comparing it to a 200m all-out sprint, even mentioning anaerobic capacity at some point – apparently the point is actually to melt the ice with the friction from the broom thingy… tough stuff! ;)

Always one for a lively debate, I threw a few jabs at this Canadian pasttime along the lines of ‘What’s with the sweeping? Why dosn’t the guy at the end just push the thing harder?!’, etc.
This led to some exasperation from poor Jonnyo and now I have been ordered to attend a 2hour lecture on curling from Jonnyo when he returns from Canada. I can barely control my enthusiasm…