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Wierd sighting around Leysin… « James Cunnama’s Blog


Wierd sighting around Leysin…

The last few days there have been some wierd things around Leysin, aside from Docs spies, which are everywhere and really not that unusual…
Yesterday we saw a one-eyed creature form the Amazon, but then realized it was just Felipe who had kissed the tarmac! (get well soon!).
Today whilst riding we saw a flying tree. Actually it was hanging from a helicopter, but what they were doing with it is beyond me. It seems they were moving many of them up the valley (although there seemed to be plenty of them up there already ;) ). Perhaps that is how they discard felled trees here – its probably cheaper than paying someone a Swiss salary to move them… ;)
Then while I was running through town this afternoon and I came upon a herd of Llama’s, or Alpaca’s… I can’t tell which, mostly because I have no idea what the difference is …if there even is one?! Anyway, three of the things were being led by people, like dogs on leashes, and the other 10 or so were just running amok around the streets. They didn’t like the South African running up behind them though, so all except the restrained ones started jogging along the road ahead of me at roughly my pace (Yes, I was jogging – Doc’s orders). After a while they decided this was no fun and turned to face their quarry. Whoa! …These things spit don’t they?! …I stoped jogging. I may be top of the food chain, but respect for other creatures is something you are bred with in Africa! Especially mothers with young, as was the case. I walked slowly past them as they stared me down, then I picked up the pace and headed for home. And I thought only Africa had herds of animals causing traffic disruption!

Perhaps the wierdest thing I have seen though, is the temperature on the thermometer! It makes you wonder… why to the geese ever fly back North?! ;D

PS. Pics of all the above would have been great… But, according to Murphy’s Law, great pics only happen when you don’t have a camera handy! I’m gonna have to keep my camera on me permanently from now on…

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