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James’ Kona Diary – Day 2 (Wednesday) « James Cunnama’s Blog


James’ Kona Diary – Day 2 (Wednesday)

I woke up this morning and didn’t know where I was! Slept really well!

Had something to eat and helped Celeste put her bike together. Headed out for a run at about 9am. I was hot already, but not unbearable, at least not on the coast road – apparently the inland Queen K’hawumanu (sp?) highway is a good deal hotter! LOTS of athletes on the road running and riding. Legs felt good.

Back home for some breakfast and then put the Cervelo P3 back together. It survived the trip okay and soon was looking hot with the race wheels on! I did a short test ride, but didn’t want to be out in the midday sun, so didn’t go far.

3pm Bek picked me up for a swim (she was on time – literally to the second on my watch – maybe it’ll snow on Saturday! ;) ). We were gonna go in the sea, but the wind was up and the sea was rough. We went to the pool and did a decent set, then rushed off to schmooze the sponsors at a team meeting. It was more like they were schmoozing us though – it was like Christmas! Soon everyone was juggling gifts from the sponsors.

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