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Clearing the pipes

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

porsche-flaming-exhaustSo summer is here. At last. It has taken its sweet time getting here, with the occasional hot day, but mostly windy and cool. Today it was hot. Awesome! Soon, no doubt, I’ll be wishing it was cooler as the heat becomes oppressive, but for now I’ll take it.

With summer comes tri-season and some great local races to have some fun with. Today was the first of the Atlas Security Summer Series, a series of 3 sprint-distance races over 10 days in different local venues. The race for me was my first event since Kona and being so short it was a good chance to burn the gunk out the pipes from a rough few weeks past.

I started fast – mostly cos the water was about 11C and I wanted out of there as soon as possible! In fact it was maybe my best swim ever in a triathlon, even if it was only 750m. Maybe I should pick races with freezing water more often… Or maybe it was the many miles I have put in in the pool lately… hmmmm. ;)

I never really slowed from there and before I knew it the race was over – that happens in a sprint tri I guess. When you are accustomed to racing for 8-9hrs, one hour is barely enough to realize you’re hurting! It was a lot of fun though and a great turnout from PE locals and some of the imports from inland (including Lucie Z) – they tend to swarm around the coast at this time of year! ;)

The next race is this Sunday and I think I might have to go down for some more fun in the summer sun. :D