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My first ever marathon « James Cunnama’s Blog


My first ever marathon

img_2443This past weekend turned into a big training weekend for me. It was the PE Friendly City Marathon on Saturday (Yes, they call it the Friendly City when they are not calling it the windy city!), and EP Triathlon Champs on Sunday.

The marathon would actually be my first ever straight marathon – I’ve done quite a few in training and of course six in Ironman events, but this was the first 42km race I had done. My dad tried to get me to go for his marathon PB of 2h34, but with strict instructions from Doc, his PB was safe for a little longer. (Maybe one day I will beat that time in an Ironman… ::) ).

So the marathon went really well actually. It was good to be reminded that 42km is not short, even without a 180km bike to precede it, but I was pleasantly surprised by my fitness. I finished 5th overall and it was by far the most comfortable and enjoyable marathon I have ever done! :)

A short ride that afternoon to loosen the legs and the next day I was ready for the provincial triathlon champs on Sunday. With a stiff wind the Olympic distance event would be challenging even without a marathon in the legs. Fortunately there was little in the way of competition so I could go my own pace and get some good training in. I felt great on the bike and going into the run I had over 4mins lead, which was a good thing cos my legs were feeling yesterday’s effort! They held up though and I finished far ahead of the next competitor. Another good day in the office.

I don’t recommend a marathon to sharpen up the legs for a triathlon, but sometimes its fun to challenge yourself with something new…

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