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Goodbye Summer… sort of… « James Cunnama’s Blog


Goodbye Summer… sort of…

Its my last week in SA before I jet off to Thailand for training camp with the team for 7 weeks. Although the weather is miserable today, it has been a great summer in SA for me, with good weather and good training. I love the long days we have in PE in summer, although the early sun makes sleeping enough difficult – I actually bought a black sheet to hang behind the curtain to keep the daylight out a little longer! By the time I return in April, summer will be gone and autumn will have set in for sure – although hopefully not enough for a cold Ironman day! Of course, I am not really leaving summer at all as it sounds like Krabi is scorching hot! And soon after my return, I head off to the European summer so I never really say goodbye to summer… (I know what you’re thinking… It IS tough, but someone’s gotta do it! ;) ).

Unfortunately there are far to few good races on the SA triathlon calendar, but I kept myself busy over the summer with the local ECTA events,  IM70.3 SA and of course lots of training. Not to mention good QT with Lex and watching Chloe (our puppy) grow up. I am certainly looking forward to training with the team again though, after a long few months of flying solo.

I fly to Singapore on Monday where I will pick up my new Cervelo P4 (YAY!), have it quickly assembled by the Bike Boutique guys, and then head off to Krabi the next day. I can’t wait to get on my new bike, but I am sure I will have spent plenty of time on it by the time I get back to SA in April! I will also be riding SRAM and 3T for the first time, so lots to look forward to!

Actually it will be my first time to Thailand and I have only heard good things, so while the last days in SA seem to fly by too quickly I am getting really excited for another great experience with TeamTBB and seeing another new part of the world.

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