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So I am in Krabi, Thailand with the team. But more about that later…

On the way here I stopped over in Singapore for a night in order to pick up my new Cervelo P4 at The Bike Boutique store. It was my first time in Singapore but I had a lot to do so not much sightseeing was done.


The closest we got to sight-seeing - we stumbled on this whilst lost!

I arrived at 6am from Jo’burg and my bike box made it too (without a bike in it, yet still heavy, which would prove significant). An hour later Scott arrived from the other end of the world – he was flying in from New York – and we headed off together to find The Bike Boutique. I had done some investigating whilst waiting for Scott and had determined that a taxi, which will fit only 1 bike box, will cost about Sing$35. A train to within 1km of the shop will cost about Sing$2. We went for the train. We eventually found our way to the surface in the city, but were seriously disorientated from the subway  had no idea which way we were meant to go. My map wasn’t helping. But the locals were very helpful and we hefted and tugged our way to the shop.

We checked out our new frames and left our components with the mechanics to build the bikes whilst we headed off to the apartment. We found the train station easily enough, but that was the last time in Singapore that we would make it from A to B by the shortest route.

Azmil hard at work

Azmil hard at work

Exiting the train station at Bedok we had an address and little more, so we decided to take a taxi. Or not. They didn’t want to stop for us. After a few minutes waiting we tried to figure out which way to go and headed off – in totally the wrong direction! After asking a local and turning around, we thought a taxi was definitely needed. Again we stood and waited. Again we gave up and kept walking. Eventually we got a taxi and made it to the apartment. I fought valiantly against the desire to sleep, but passed out anyway.

Later, after a swim and to prevent more untimely sleeping, we headed back to the bike shop… and got lost again! As it turns out, the train stations in the city have about 5 exits and you can never figure out which one you have exited! We twisted and turned through back streets and alley ways until, after again asking a few people, we found the shop. Our bikes were looking good!

We left to get some dinner, and although we found Subway (the restaurant), we lost the subway (with the trains). When we found it we made a note of which direction to head in the morning to get back to the shop… but we had already got mixed up on the way from the shop, so, after a good nights’ sleep and a short run, we once again exited the train station and headed in our pre-determined direction… only to find that once again we had gotten it wrong! We walked for 15mins and found ourselves back at the station! That was the 5th time we had lost our bearings in 24hrs! Thankfully that would be the last time we took the subway!

Retul setup on new Cervelo P4

Retul setup on new Cervelo P4

Our bikes were done and after a quick Retul setup, we hopped in a smart taxi to the airport on our way to Krabi. We watched as they loaded the plane and saw my bike and Scott’s bag being loaded, but not Scott’s bike! It made for a stressful hour-and-a-half plane ride for Scott as he stressed about losing his 1-day old Cervelo P4!

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