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Ironman 70.3 Singapore

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Yesterday was another tough day, with another tough 2nd place. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t getting sick of that number…

The race itself unfolded much as expected. I came out the non-wetsuit swim a couple of minutes down on the main group and had to ride hard for the first half of the bike to catch the large lead group. In the process, due to the flat course making breakaways near impossible, I dragged about 6-7 other pro men up to the lead which meant a large group of about 15 men was together at halfway. For the same reason (no-one being able to breakaway) this large group came into T2 together and it was all down to the run…

I had a fast transition and was out 3rd, just behind Kris Gemmel and team-mate Dave Dellow, with Pete Jabos and the entire group trailing out behind. The pace was fast and furious for the first couple of km’s and after my efforts on the bike I think I was feeling it a little more than others. But soon the pace settled and Gemmel and I moved away from the chasers. During this time though Gemmel had also moved away from me a little more and was now 30secs up the road. I was on the limit and just concentrated on holding it together so that if Gemmel showed any cracks I could take advantage. But he showed his class and held it together for the entire run, despite it being more than double his usual distance. I was forced to settle for another hard-fought 2nd place.

In the end the race was what I came here for – a good hit-out and fitness test before Ironman South Africa in 3 weeks time. I am happy with the results (of the test, if not the race) and now look forward to heading home and racing on familiar territory again (and hopefully winning a bigger prize purse than the paltry $2000 for my considerable efforts here yesterday – thanks WTC.).

Congrats to all my team-mates out there yesterday, especially Mary-Beth Ellis for the win and Amy Marsh for 2nd in the women’s.

Back to Thailand now for the finishing touches to IMSA preparation.

Onwards and upwards…

Krabi, Thailand: Bootcamp

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

Time flies when you are having fun…

I have been in Krabi now for almost two weeks, and time has certainly flown. Perhaps it is not primarily due to fun though – apparently time also flies when you are training so hard that sessions tend to blur together and it is all you can do to find the energy to eat between sessions!

So, in brief, the last two weeks have consisted of: a long and fairly painful flight from South Africa, a couple of days to get into the swing of things before Doc arrived, 10 days of hectic training in up to 40C temps with a few trips to KFC and Big C (purely for survival purposes, of course), a few days at Dala Resort (‘resort’ being a somewhat generous title) as the hotel was booked out by a big group for the week, and meeting all my new team-mates for 2011.

We seem to have a great group again this year and already everyone is getting on well – the way a group only can when they face extreme adversity together and survive… ;)  But that is bootcamp. And that is why we are here. Some of us knew what we were getting into before we came, others are in a bit of of a state of shock at the moment. But we will all make it through with Doc’s guidance and come out the other side stronger, fitter and faster, and ready for another successful year of racing around the world with teamTBB.

Next week we have a photoshoot and a chance to meet all the sponsors for 2011, some new and many returning. Then it is off to Ironman 70.3 Singapore to try to improve on my 2nd last year, before I head home to Ironman South Africa.

More news and pics from Krabi soon… if I can spare the energy!