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Friday, October 14th, 2011

So I woke up this morning motivated. I was ready to get going and get back to fitness. I was going to do all that I could regardless of the circumstances… But within 20mins my motivation had, yet again, been replaced by frustration and I found myself wondering what to do with myself…

You see, I’m injured. And have been injured for almost 3 months now. Having been to multiple doctors and specialists I find myself still at square one, give or take some knowledge. After trying all other conservative methods, rest was prescribed, with as much walking as possible to keep me sane… but even walking hurts my knee. Enough about that though – I am getting what I need and progress is being made, albeit frustratingly slowly. The point is that after 3 months of keeping my frustrations at bay they are threatening to overtake me. I want nothing more right now that to run. Or ride. Or even a long walk would help. But all I can do is swim (and the pool only opens at 12 today).

Then there is the other side of being a pro – the blogging, social networking and such. Brandon wrote about this a while ago – the directly proportional relationship between an athletes web presence and their current fitness/performance level. And of course this is natural – the worse you are doing, the less you want to shout it out on the web! And the lack of content doesn’t help either – you can’t blog or tweet about epic sessions, recent races, upcoming races, or even how great your sponsored equipment is – my Cervelo P4 is gathering dust, my new Computrainer hasn’t been used yet and my Avia’s and 2XU kit only serve to make me look good on the way to the pool! I have tried to blog about Vegas and Kona – be an armchair expert if you will, but seeing all the best in the world having great races only serves to amplify my frustrations – and getting myself all fired up and motivated is probably not the best idea right now.

Hopefully it will only be a couple more weeks of this and I’ll be back into training and my world will be back in balance. In the meantime, if you have any topics or questions you would like me to blog about, send me a message and help me get the blogging back on track at least!

Onwards and… well, just onwards for now.