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Abu Dhabi Tri

This weekend will see my dramatic return to racing after 7 months off due to injury…

Ok, well, maybe it won’t be too dramatic… Traumatic may be a better word perhaps. After 7 months without racing I do feel a little rusty and that means apprehensive. But my training has gone really well since I recovered from my November knee surgery. I was obviously horribly unfit having not run or cycled for 5 months, and am still on the way back to full fitness. This race will serve as a bit of a test for Ironman South Africa in April, which I am sure I will be at 100% for. And with some of the best names in the sport vying for one of the biggest prize purses, it certainly will be a test!

But I am enjoying my training like never before and looking forward to simply being able to race again. And that excitement and joy at being able to race again will outweigh my nerves on race day I am sure. And of course I get to travel with Jodie, who is in far better shape than me and equally excited at being back from injury. Should be a fun trip!

Looking forward to an exciting race and being part of it …hopefully a big part …near the front …in the money. Watch this space.

Onwards and upwards…

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