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Ironman South Africa

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

In gambling they say you should never throw good money after bad… I guess a similar principle applies in triathlon. Don’t throw good races away chasing races that have already gone out the window. It is with this in mind that I am withdrawing from Ironman South Africa next weekend.

This may be a surprise to all those hoping for a South African winner and who have been backing me. But for those ‘in the loop’ it won’t really be too shocking. After Abu Dhabi Triathlon, which was actually a good race until a mechanical issue sidelined me 110km into the bike, things have not gone very smoothly. I was hoping to put in a solid block of work before Ironman SA and come into the race ready to challenge all comers get that big win. However, my knee had other ideas.

Following the surgery in November my knee was all but out of my mind until shortly after Abu Dhabi. Then it started niggling. It has been a month of trying to get it sorted out and worrying about the possibility of requiring another surgery. Thankfully another surgery is not going to happen and the knee is now healthy and behaving itself and I am back on the road. But it has meant I have done none of the key training sessions needed for IMSA. Racing an Ironman in this condition would be risking my knee again (or another injury) and potentially affecting all other races this season, which as a professional I cannot do.

So I will now look further ahead and to the next races, for which I can be prepared in time – I will be heading to the US in early May for some half’s before going to Europe in June to prepare for my next major goal, Challenge Roth in July. There is always Ironman SA next year for me…

Best luck to all my friends and supporters who will line up on Hobie Beach next weekend. I’ll be watching closely and cheering you on!

Onwards and upwards…