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Friday, January 15th, 2010

Hi everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself…my name is Jeff Cutrer and I’m new to Team TBB. I am very excited and grateful about this opportunity I’ve been given by Alex and Brett and look forward to seeing what the future holds.

A little about myself…I have only been involved in triathlons for a short time…my background is in athletics (that’s track and field for us Americans)….I was a middle distance runner from when I was 15 years old until 22, I was a miler and steeplechaser and got myself to the level where I was a 4 minute miler…not SUB 4 unfortunately…I had success but I knew I was never going to be a world beater…I think I’m a little too big haha…so I was urged by some friends to get involved in triathlons and I did so and definitely saw what all the fuss was about…it was such a great change and I absolutely loved the sport and I kind of decided I wanted to put all my eggs into that basket and try to see how good I could become…so I did my first 3 races well enough to get my professional license afterwards because I knew if I wanted to be great I had to race the best athletes…I don’t have many races on my resume because I had been finishing my degree at my university but I started my first true year of training seriously last year and was urged by a very close friend to try and get in touch with Brett and I did so and after a lot of talking and getting to know one another Brett decided to give me a chance, for which I am very thankful…he told me he really loved the idea that I was a blank slate and sort of a new piece of clay he could mold and since I have been working with him it has definitely helped me improve and I look forward to the future with Team TBB…I am really excited about the first camp and meeting everyone in person and training hard.

I also want to thank our sponsors for the support they give the team and appreciate their time and energy to making us the best triathlon team in the world.