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time to get excited!

Thursday, June 21st, 2007

hi Team! as this is my first blog post on the official website, I think it’s safe to say I can stop holding my breath now. I had been in talks with Alex and Brett over the past month and kept telling myself not to get too excited until everything went through… so hi, here I am and obviously plenty excited and honored to be a part of Team TBB!

at the moment I am getting ready to move from Dallas, Texas back home to Pacifica, California (right outside San Francisco along the coast). Moving is such a PROCESS and I can’t believe all of the stuff I’ve accumulated in just 3 years. I’ve been asking myself, “when you become a pro triathlete living out of your suitcase, are you really going to need this or that?” It’s really helped minimize the amount of junk.

In the meantime, I’m on the development squad and will be doing my prosthetics residency at Stanford University this upcoming year, after which point I can focus on being a full-time pro and also volunteer time at the prosthetics clinics in Asia. One of the things that drew me to the team was the humanitarian involvement in Asia–although I am Chinese by blood, I’m American by birth and have never actually set foot in Asia. or, really anywhere outside North America. but that will all change soon :)

so here, the three things that I’m really excited about in what is to become my ultimate dream job:
1. the opportunity to reach the highest level in triathlon with the world class coaching and by living, training, and racing with the best in the sport.
2. doing humanitarian work with my non-athletic qualifications: fitting artificial limbs to landmine survivors in less developed parts of the world.
3. traveling all over said world, meeting all kinds of people, and learning new languages.

regarding #1, let me just say, Bella won the second Ironman I ever did (IM Florida ’03) and Belinda won my last Ironman (Canada last year). so I know I’m on a damn good team. and while we’re on the subject of ultimate dream jobs, am I allowed to tell you what my ultimate dream goal would be? well, since my brand new coach has encouraged me to set my goals high, here goes: if Ironman China actually ever gets off the ground, I’d love to win it. Ok, I said it. Now it’s time to go make things happen.