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back in California at last « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


back in California at last


Me and Guinness finally returned home to the San Francisco Bay Area last Sunday, after some airline delays…there are temperature regulations for flying with your dog, and unsurprisingly it was quite hot in Dallas…glad I got out of there before the brunt of the summer heat! On our second attempt, there was “something wrong with the plane”–they literally told us this–and I don’t know about you, but I’m more than happy to delay my flight for a plane that is functioning properly!

so we made it unscathed, G-dog did not get sick or cooked or lost as many had feared, and we are both happy as clams to be back here in Pacifica. or rather, I’m “back” here, he is here for the first time! I just adopted him last September and the two of us were previously in a 1-bedroom apt in Dallas. Now that we are living with my parents in the house I grew up in, he is loving the backyard and all the attention from his new family members, but is having some trouble learning to stay downstairs and off the couches.

If you had told me a few years ago that I would be moving back in with the parentals at 25 years old, I wouldn’t have believed you. But you know, it’s really not so bad at all. After barely scraping by on student loans as a grad student in Atlanta for 2 years, and then a year on the measley resident’s stipend in Dallas, I’m quite enamored with not having to pay for rent or utilities or groceries, and on top of that, be living in one of the best places to be a triathlete in America! The weather is perfect year-round, there are plenty of roads to ride with minimal stoplights, trails to run, hills everywhere, open water swims in both the ocean and the bay…and topped off with a warm home-cooked meal after every workout! That’s right, my mom is a great cook and happily acts as my personal chef and fantastic race sherpa. I’ve really come to appreciate living back home again and seeing the family on a daily basis after being away and only visiting three times a year. And to be honest, I’m not sure I could’ve lived here on my own anyway, with the cost of living being so high here. It was actually very normal for my mom’s generation to all live at home until they got married and moved out. My original plan was to “live at home for as long as I can tolerate.” We are coming up on the end of the first week, let’s see how long this feeling lasts… :)

The next residency doesn’t start until August 1st, so in the meantime I am enjoying my quasi-pro triathlete situation and training to my heart’s content. Did I mention the clean fresh air and low traffic volume? Pacifica is just south of San Francisco (it is only 5-10mins from here) so I am out of the city and all the traffic that comes with it. After being in the trafficky messes of Atlanta and Dallas I’m very impressed with how quick it is to get everywhere (traffic in SF is still better than my previous two cities as we are an environmentally friendly lot and use more public transit).

I’ve been “shopping” for a swimming pool. Not literally buying one (haha wouldn’t that be nice), but scoping out the local pools for the one that has the best hours and cleanest locker rooms. Water temperature is also a factor. I prefer to swim in colder water and the “pool of the day” was a balmy 84F/29C (I realize the rest of the world uses Celsius, so I have found a use for my cell phone’s unit converter). Yuck. That was actually my high school swimming pool, the very place I first learned to swim during freshman P.E. Yes, I was a late bloomer swimmer. I learned the basics of swimming at age 14 and didn’t try refining my stroke until I got to college and wanted to be a triathlete. I’ve gotten progressively better since then, but it is still probably my weakest leg, and Coach Sutto is making me swim 5x/week for the first time in my life. so my upper body is feeling…how do we say…some new sensations :)


Running has been great, I’m revisiting my old stomping grounds–all my favorite places to run when I first fell in love with running as a scrawny teenager. On the bike (and on the run too, actually) I am pleasantly surprised with how well my body has taken to all the hills here after training in the pancake-flatness of Dallas. On my training schedule, there is one day where I am supposed to do a “hilly run.” I had to laugh, because all the runs here are hilly! I figured he meant an extra-hilly run, and took myself to these trails that go up so steeply there are wooden stairs implanted on the sides of the hill. The views are incredible at the top!

so anyway, I am loving it here. It is not Switzerland, but it is way cheaper for me and the hills are just as big. In my mind, anyway. :) happy training and racing y’all! oh, I must refrain from using “y’all” after living in the South for 3 yrs. Guinness, we’re not in Texas any more…only fruits and nuts here, no rednecks…hehe!

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