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July training (and life) update « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


July training (and life) update

it’s been quiet on this blog as I have no races yet to report, but in a couple more weeks I shall don the hot pink outfit once again to race my first tri for the team. In the meantime, I’ve been–oh, what else?–training. really, just eating, sleeping, and training all the time. Maybe not as much training as the senior members of the team, as I’ve got to slowly accustom my body to the volume, but for me anyway, it’s the most I’ve done in a while, if not ever. I don’t start residency for another week, so it’s something of a vacation for me. Here’s what’s been keeping me busy:

1. Unpacking. I’ve decreased the number of boxes stacked in the living room from 22 to 9, so in my opinion the unpacking progress is going smoothly, though my mom would say otherwise. The problem is that my childhood bedroom is completely full of things from, well, my childhood. Grade school, and middle school, and high school, and then the remnants of college, say, it’s 15+ years worth of stuff that needs to be sorted and discarded before I unpack the “new” stuff. It has been kind of fun opening up old boxes full of photos from my years as a high school runner and my first couple seasons as a triathlete!

2. Cheryl’s wedding. My cousin, who is a year older, got married over the weekend here in San Francisco. Of significance, it was the first wedding in our generation on my mother’s side; there are 15 grandkids on this side (see first pic), so of course all the relatives started clamouring “who’s next? who’s next?!” and interrogating us all about our (nonexistent) love lives. Ha, nonexistent for me anyway. I managed to hide my silly tan lines with halter-style dresses, I think it worked. It was really fun seeing everyone so dressed up and kind of grown-up. My favorite part about big Chinese weddings is the wedding banquet at night. oh, besides the food, all 10 courses or so, the bride has a couple of wardrobe changes. First it’s the traditional white/American wedding gown, then she gets into a traditional Chinese style dress, usually red, then finally it’s an evening gown/prom dress. Needless to say, Cheryl looked absolutely gorgeous, she hardly ever wears makeup and even had on these fake eyelashes that she called her “tarantulas.” I almost felt bad about broadcasting that embarassing story about her and the Coit Tower elevator boy… :P The rest of us had to settle for just a single wardrobe change, from the ceremony and reception in the morning to the banquet at night. Check it out:







3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. oh, yes, I waited in line at midnight and absolutely devoured the final book. I was actually a bit annoyed that I had a wedding to go to, otherwise the 759-page behemoth would’ve been done sometime Saturday instead of Sunday afternoon. ha! I loved it, absolutely loved it, and think it’s definitely the best of the whole series. and even though the movies aren’t nearly as good as the books, it was so exciting I kept thinking “ooh, can’t wait til the movie comes out!”

4. Wine country half marathon. I did an open half a couple weeks ago as a training race to see where my run fitness was at, but also (more so) to go along with a friend who is training for her first marathon in October. Suffice it to say, I still have a ways to go. i.e., Coach wants me to take 15 minutes off that by next year…in a half iron. But as he said “we have to start somewhere.”

5. Westmoor cross country kids. So though my goals seem so far right now, I’m slowly but surely working my way up the totem pole. During a run a couple weeks ago, I was at my old stomping grounds (Lake Merced in SF), which was where our high school summer cross country practices were always held. Lo and behold, who should I run into (literally) but my old high school squad and coach. They all looked so small and skinny, I couldn’t help but think “was I ever that small?” well, the students are predominantly Asian, and I am a pretty big Asian girl (5’9″), so I was always bigger than, well, everyone except 4 boys in my graduating class (of 400). I’ve been attending some of the practices recently as somewhat of a mentor. A few years back, I had coached a season of track for them, in between college and grad school, but by now everyone I’ve coached has already graduated. Still, it is fun being back in the mix, remembering that a quick 12 years ago, it was my scrawny teenage self’s very first summer training to become a cross country runner. No endurance whatsoever, couldn’t even run the 4.5 miles around the lake without stopping to walk a couple of times. I hadn’t even learned to swim yet, come to think of it, “Ironman” back then was just a simple logo on my wristwatch.

So the high schoolers remind me that I have already come such a long way; being on this team reminds me that there is so much farther I can go. Instead of getting intimidated, I’m taking things one workout at a time, baby steps, I tell myself. “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” says the coach. and Harry Potter didn’t defeat Voldemort in one book. (haha. couldn’t help it. :) )

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