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Laborous Weekend « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


Laborous Weekend

Labor Day: a national holiday to celebrate us Americans working too hard (?!). unlike most Americans, I actually quite enjoy my work in prosthetics these days (it’s been one month into my residency) and my boss and I have enough fun at work that the lines of work and play can become blurred. Of course there are the days when we have some difficult (and/or rude) patients, but more often than not many of the prosthetic patients are a pleasure to work with. Just last week we had a young man getting ready to go to college next week, another boy who just started his senior year in high school (after missing some school last year due to his battle with bone cancer), and an older gentleman who kept reminding us that road biking was extremely important to him. We’re working on making him a cycling-specific prosthesis. Too cool!!

and in my other life, triathlon is play, but again, the terms play and work are intertwined. (and will be more so once my triathlon career takes off!) I spent Labor Day weekend the best way possible, training my butt off (it’s considered labor, isn’t it?) and enjoying every moment. Saturday I logged my longest run yet this season, 2:15 on the Bay Trail, which runs from the SFO airport right along the bay. I made it to Foster City before turning around, just plugged myself into the ipod and kept going! I went with my childhood friend Louisa who is training for her first marathon, and afterwards we headed to the closest Jamba Juice for some post-run smoothies. We accidentally stumbled upon the Millbrae Art & Wine Festival–the street fair had engulfed the entire plaza, so there was no way we could have missed it. We ended up signing up for a free spinal exam from a hot young chiropractor (I was only interested in the drawing for a free massage until I realized which person in the booth was the chiropractor…), checked out the art, bought some Coke can airplanes, and chowed down on garlic fries. mmm!

Sunday I rode with some new tri friends, nearly 5 hours on a hilly route by the coast with 6,000 feet of climbing. All roads I had done before, but probably not in over 4 years! Old La Honda, Tunitas Creek…it’s amazing how many great rides are right in my own backyard with beautiful views of beaches and mountains. Then I visited Zoom Multisports in San Francisco to rent a
new triathlon wetsuit for my half iron next weekend. I got the Zoot-TWO Wetzoot, which is Zoot’s entry level full suit but already feels so much nicer than my old original Orca Predator (top of the line 8 years ago) and my crappy used sleeveless I bought off ebay for $38. amazing how wetsuit technology has advanced.

I got to try out the wetsuit on Monday (our actual “Labor Day”) when I went with friends to Santa Cruz to preview the course for the Big Kahuna half ironman. I did a 90min long run on the run course which goes right along the beach, and got a little lost near the turn-around, when I came face-to-face with what looked like a big T-Rex skeleton with a funny-shaped head and no legs. Turns out I had accidentally ran into the University of Santa Cruz Marine Lab and it was the skeleton of a blue whale!!

that's no legless dinosaur, it's a blue whale!

We were primarily in Santa Cruz to be support crew for my friend Michele, who is training for both the Catalina Channel swim (20+ miles solo, no wetsuit!) and Ultraman. She was doing a 5-hour ocean swim, each hour covering about two miles. Tanja swam the first hour with her while I was running, then I joined Michele for the third hour. The wetsuit felt great–the water was choppy and extra salty, but really, there wasn’t much to complain about when I was in a full wetsuit and Michele was on her third hour in no wetsuit. As we exited, she told us she was only good for one more hour…but as it was our job to make sure she got in her solid five hours of swimming, I said the first thing that came out of my mouth, “if you do this fourth hour by yourself, I will swim the fifth hour with you!”


so that is how I ended up swimming FOUR MILES IN THE OCEAN on Monday. Honestly it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The second time out was less choppy, and it was nice just being out there in the ocean, swimming from the pier to the lighthouse, with the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk along the shore (roller coasters and other fun rides). I hadn’t ever swam that much in a single day before (and in open water!!), so needless to say I feel extremely prepared for the race coming up this weekend! I had such a fun time!!

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