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oil spill mess in the bay « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


oil spill mess in the bay

oy, California has been a big environmental mess just the past few weeks. First there were the big wildfires by San Diego and L.A. and just a couple days ago we had a huge nasty oil spill (58,000 gallons) right here in the San Francisco Bay.

The first thoughts that came to my mind when I heard about it yesterday morning was “oh no, the poor fishes and birds!!” It makes me so sad.


then my mother said “isn’t this where you are swimming in the triathlon on Saturday?”

OH YEAH. so tomorrow is the Treasure Island Olympic triathlon, which will be my season closer. The oil spill happened right on the other side of the little island, but it is spreading for miles and there is a damn good chance the swim portion will get cancelled, if it isn’t already. And if it’s not, I’d be scared of swimming in the bay for my own health and my unborn children’s! ok, I just checked the race website, the swim leg has been officially cancelled.

this will be interesting. I am glad they are going to still let us bike and run (the Challenged Athlete’s Foundation triathlon in San Diego got cancelled completely a couple weeks ago because of the fires) but I was very much hoping to get a head start on the fast runners. Even though my swim is my weakest link, I think it’s still faster than the average triathlete and gives me 5-10 minutes in an Oly on those really fast runners who can’t swim for shit.

I wonder how they are going to stagger us –it is going to be a 6-lap bike leg so very spectator friendly but will be crowded. I really like this course (though I’d only done it in 2003 when I was in college) because I raced in collegiate road cycling races for many seasons and loved loved LOVED racing criteriums. it reminds me of a criterium course, multiple laps and lots of corners. So I am planning to put some time in on the athletes with poorer bike handling skills, and hey, then again, I won’t lose any time on the really fast triathletes who beat ME out of the water by 5+ minutes. :)

A lot of my family and friends will be there to cheer me on which will be so nice!! I always go faster when I have people cheering for me. :)

in the meantime, it is pretty CRAZY over here, I have my orthotic board exams starting on Tuesday (Part I – written). followed by next Thursday (Part II – written simulation), and then in early December (Part III – clinical patient management/oral), so training this week has taken a bit of a backseat to the massive amount of studying/cramming that I am doing. I’ve gotten in many miles in the past 4 months so still planning to smash the amateur field tomorrow. the pros actually race separately, it is the “Haul to the Great Wall” series for the aspiring Olympians and they get to race draft legal, although I’m sure the dynamics will be really…strange…what with no swim???

anyway wish me luck and if you don’t get a race report for another week or so it’s because I am all stressed out studying for and taking these horrible board exams!!!


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