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happy holidays from Pacifica

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

really? it’s already the second half of December? what happened there?!

I returned from Dallas last weekend from my final orthotics board exam. Ever since my last race at Treasure Island, it’s been a flurry of cramming and test-taking. The first two tests were computerized, the last one was called the “clinical patient management” portion where we had real patient models and a bunch of questions we had to answer orally with the examiners. More than anything it was nerve-wracking. Still I feel very strongly I passed, I’ll be pretty surprised if I don’t, but I won’t find out for several weeks. When I get the results back my new title will be “Certified Orthotist” and I’ll legally be able to make you some custom foot orthoses (or “orthotics” as the runners call them), ankle or leg braces (typically plastic but sometimes metal and leather, like in Forrest Gump), back braces for scoliosis, or help put a halo on you if you break your neck (remember at the end of Mean Girls after the queen bee got run over by the school bus?). Right now I am doing my prosthetics residency and those exams won’t be until this time next year.

all that studying put a bit of a dent in my training and not coincidentally I was a total cranky-pants for a whole month. Now that it’s all over I am feeling more normal again, i.e. training back to usual! :) It also didn’t help that after the first two exams, I went out my front door for what was supposed to be a nice 6hr bike ride but 3hrs in, collided with a rock the size of a large brick that had fallen off the mountainside. I ended up flying over the handlebars and bouncing off the pavement a few times, my first time crashing in this manner, and really came out lucky I think. Just some skin and bruising, and I got to hang out at the Marin County Fire Station with some hunky firefighters while I recuperated. I don’t recall hitting my head (and I didn’t lose my memory either) but I bought a new helmet anyway, one that is apple green and matches my bike again… :) I am all better now, my skin has all grown back and the scabs have all fallen off, although the new skin is baby pink with purple speckles. kind of strange and alien-like!

in the meantime just enjoying being around the family this time of year, my 6yo niece is performing in the Nutcracker ballet this weekend. trying to figure out what the 2008 race schedule holds. A lot of the California races sell out quickly, and the prices also all go up January 1st for whatever reason so I better figure it out soon. But I’m considering some big half IM’s like Wildflower, World’s Toughest, Buffalo Springs Lake and Vineman. I want to do one last Ironman as an age grouper, I just wish the ones around here weren’t so hard to get into as I am already shut out of them. Ralph’s (California 70.3) usually has qualifying slots for the big IM’s but it’s already sold out as well. buggers!

happy training and happy holidays to you and & yours!