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China in the Year of the Rat

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008


Happy Chinese New Year everybody! I know, it started almost two weeks ago but we celebrate all month :) This year is the Year of the Rat, which to me means my little brother is turning 24. Growing up, the Chinese zodiac was always so prevalent in my family that I know what animal everyone in my family and extended family is–parents, siblings, grandparents, all my cousins, etc. I’m a rooster, which means… well, I’ve read different things. Stuff like how we are stubborn and have big egos. We are also very enthusiastic, have a lot of energy, and are good at sports. So you know, stubborn really means very dedicated and determined, and the big ego means I am confident, put that all together and it makes me a kick-ass triathlete, yeah? yeah!!

I am pretty psyched right now because for my first Year of the Rat adventure, I am going to be racing in IRONMAN CHINA!!! it’s only a couple months away on April 20…eee that’s coming up soon. It’s actually going to be my first time overseas. I was born and raised in California and have lived all over the USA but haven’t had much opportunity to go abroad. So I’ve never been to the land of my ancestors and am absolutely STOKED to be able to race my first international race there!! (ok, I did IM Canada but we drove across the border from Washington state, didn’t even need our passports, so that doesn’t count. eh?)

In between training and working, I’ve been trying to learn some basic Mandarin–growing up my family spoke Toisan, which is a dialect more similar to Cantonese. I have a 6-year-old niece who is fluent in Mandarin and she helps tutor me every now and then. It’s all very cute. :)

Ironman China will also be my first triathlon on a real tri bike!! I have a new best friend, he is the blue version of the Cervelo P2C (’06 model) and just so really really ridiculously good looking that I’ve named him… Blue Steel. (for anyone who reads that and says “but he’s carbon fiber, dummy, not steel,” all I have to say is: go get yourself an orange mocha frappuccino, dummy, and rent Zoolander.) He is also ridiculously fast, yes, he makes us go 10mph faster with no extra effort. hehe. and my legs do feel fresher running off the bike, it’s a strange concept but I’ll take it!

Good luck and prosperity to all of you in the Year of the Rat!!
looking forward to meeting some of you in China! :)