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special delivery: my team kit!

Friday, March 21st, 2008

Hooray! I got a special delivery this morning from Singapore–my official teamTBB race kit! in all of its glorious stretchy hot pinkness!

of course I had to try it on as soon as we were done seeing patients this morning. Ta da! cell phone cameras sure are handy.


Dude this is tight. and I mean literally, in addition to the slang “tight” = super duper cool. It’s a little hard to pull the top half on (maybe I will get my mom to sew a longer zipper on, she is a fabulous seamstress) but on the plus side, it’s so tight it makes my stomach look totally flat! (hooray) or maybe this Ironman training is working its magic??


the legs are as long as normal cycling shorts (well I’m sure they had to be to fit “the bike boutique” down the leg) but longer than tri shorts and WAY longer than the skimpy little boyshorts I raced in last season. but hey, maybe they will do that magical compression shorts thing and improve the circulation in my legs and make me go faster. ok!


so now we are one month out from Ironman China; the 4-week countdown begins on Sunday. I can start wearing my team kit on my long rides and runs. yippee. I got my airplane tickets. Now just gotta get all my solid training and recovering in. I can’t wait!!