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10 things I learned during my international travels. « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


10 things I learned during my international travels.

(note: not a race report. i’ll write it when i’m un-jet-lagged.)

1. in Asia, hotels like to conserve energy. you have to stick your key card in a slot by the light switches in order for the electricity to go on. I couldn’t figure this out and kept flipping all the switches, wondering why I had to pee in the dark, then went downstairs to tell them my lights didn’t work. :P the bike mechanics thought I was stupid.

2. real Chinese people like their mattresses hard. which makes me not a real Chinese person.
however, they were surprisingly easy to fall asleep on, or maybe we were just exhausted.

3. in Japan, green tea is a common Haagan-dazs ice cream flavor.

4. in Singapore, if you go shopping in the Little India area, the security guards will zip-tie your bag so that you don’t shop lift.

5. in China, the official Gatorade flavor was chrysanthemum. (I know this not because I could read the bottle, but recognized it during my 3rd bottle… very much like the juice boxes my mom bought from the local Asian supermarket when we were kids.)

6. in Hong Kong, they get really upset if you accidentally leave your CO2 cartridges in your bike box, and make you get off the plane before it takes off so you can show them it’s not a bomb.

7. bring enough cash. Even if local places say they take credit card, and you are about to buy your brother and dad the coolest Chinese shirts ever for only $15 US each, all of your credit cards will inexplicably not work, and the cashier will start talking to you in really fast Chinese you don’t understand, and you will talk back in English and they won’t understand.

8. David Beckham is on Pepsi billboards in China.

9. I am such a sucker for all kinds of accents. I don’t discriminate. :)

10. I have a fascination with the different types of toilets. I’m not saying I like them all. curse the squatting types when you have just done an ironman. hey, I didn’t fall in!

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