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How to Become an Asian Triathlon Superstar, Step #1. « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


How to Become an Asian Triathlon Superstar, Step #1.

hey blog fans. sorry for the lack of updates, I was put on racing probation until I get faster (teehee) and completely busy writing my final term paper and finishing up my residency hours. BUT!! expect a lot more blogging from me in the next two months as I embark on my next overseas adventure…my first team training camp in the Philippines!!

I’m writing this as I sit in the Los Angeles airport. it was a short flight from San Francisco, in another hour I will get on the plane to sit for 11 hours to Tokyo (where I will visit the funny bidet toilets, my favorite part), and then 3 hours to Manila. yes, a couple of layovers to get there but no complaints from me as my good friend Mark Cathcart (former president of British Triathlon Association and whole-hearted supporter of aspiring young pros) donated his frequent flier miles my way to make this trip possible. Thanks Mark!!

hooray, I finished my prosthetic residency last month and it feels very liberating to be done with all those years of education!! I still have my last set of board exams to take in mid-November (a couple weeks after I come home), so I packed my study materials. But for the most part I am DONE with school and will be training my ass off to climb up the ladder in the triathlon world. Right now it is like I’m on junior varsity…ok, maybe just the freshman squad!

So I think I’ll start a series called “How to Become an Asian Triathlon Superstar.” Obviously I am not yet (YET!!) an Asian triathlon superstar, nor do I know how long it takes to become one, but of course the goal in going to training camp and training with the team is to become pretty damn good at this triathlon thing.

Here I am at Step #1: get your butt to Asia.

what does one pack for 2 months of training camp? training clothes. lots of training clothes. I probably overpacked, but here is a glimpse at what’s in my suitcase:

4 x 1pc swimsuits
3 x 2pc swimsuits
1 x beach bikini
4 x run visors
1 pr armwarmers (just in case…)
3 pr compression socks
1 pr compression sleeves
7 pr tri shorts
6 tri tops/sleeveless bike jerseys
2 short sleeve bike jerseys
5 short sleeve technical running shirts
2 long sleeve technical running shirts
8 shimmels (i.e. fitted tanks with the shelf bras)
1 technical tank
8 sports bras
8 running shorts
8 pr run socks
1 rain jacket
1 light jacket for going out
2 pr jeans
3 skirts
2 pr jean shorts
2 pr casual shorts
1 pr capris
1 changing skirt
5 halter tops
4 tank tops/wife beaters
1 pr scrubs
4 long sleeve shirts
6 cotton tees
7 pairs of underoos
7 bras
2 Sticks (1 travel size, 1 regular)
1 TP massage ball
1 superhero cape
1 captain’s hat

The captain’s hat is from the bon voyage party that my friends threw for me. They made me promise to bring it so I can remember the fun times I had before I become a totally serious hard-core bad ass triathlete slaving away at training camp. yes… I was guilty of declaring corny things like “I am CAPTAIN OF MY DESTINY!!”


so those are my clothes. I also have the ginormous bike box which I had to pay $200 to fly with me (argh argh argh), a small carry-on with my textbooks and helmet, and my laptop backpack so I can keep in touch with everybody. My bike got slapped with both the bike fee AND the oversize fee. the counter lady at American Airlines had the nerve to ask, “is there anything you can take out of the box to make it lighter?”
me: “how much lighter?”
AA: “20 pounds.”
me: “yeah, I could take the whole bike out.”

I actually got stopped in security because the mini Stick was “questionable.” don’t confiscate my Stick! how am I supposed to massage myself on an 11-hour flight? at least I removed all the CO2 cartridges out of my luggage! oh the joys of airline travel. other than the craploads of training clothes, it’s kind of like traveling to do a triathlon.

next stop, Tokyo!!

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