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LAX to Tokyo flight report « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


LAX to Tokyo flight report

hello from the Tokyo airport! things of note:
a) they have American plug outlets.
b) the white bread on their sandwiches don’t have crusts. (my sister would like that)
c) there’s no sushi in this airport.

The 11-hour flight was pretty uneventful. I remember getting really thirsty and dehydrated the last time I flew so long, so this time I was prepared…I bought 4 water bottles in LAX (20 oz/600mL)…drank them all, plus more water from the flight attendants, a can of tomato juice, 2 apple juices, and an orange juice. Good thing the flight was semi-empty because no one sat next to me and I had to get up and pee FIVE TIMES. and I still felt thirsty and somewhat dehydrated.

I got to catch up on some movies…Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (I LOVE Amy Adams!!), Speed Racer (teehee), and the latest Indiana Jones. *spoiler warning* OMG, I can’t believe Racer X was really Rex (super hot btw), and the boy from Even Stevens was Indy’s son! no way! (FYI that was sarcasm, I could see those plot developments a mile away.)

so here I am, starving, because my snacks and the two in-flight meals (chicken with mashed potatoes and then cheese pizza) didn’t cut it. Wow I am totally going to lose weight on this trip at this rate! I even ate the cookies and brownie that came with the meals. So it is 1am home time, and of course I’m starving, “you barely ate anything all day, genius.”

I set out to find some sushi…you know, go to Japan for 2.5 hours, eat some sushi…makes perfect sense to me. no such luck, they had hot dogs, chili dogs, spaghetti, Chinese fried rice…seriously??? I finally asked and they said they don’t have sushi here. Instead I had to settle for some udon noodles. I was going to order the eel with rice, but it was 2000 yen. that’s almost $20. NO WAY. I got some udon for $10, which satisfied me for maybe 2 minutes. then I bought two sandwiches. Actually it’s more like 2 packs of sandwiches. 1 pack had 2 fried fish sandwiches, and the other pack has 1 egg, 1 ham, and 1 potato sandwich. I ate the first pack and am still hungry. Let’s start on the other one. I feel like a beast! maybe I should get a hot dog!

so this was going to be the “bathroom post” because my American friends were incredulous when I described the fabulous Japanese toilets the last time I flew through here. SO I TOOK PICTURES. unfortunately my data cable for the camera phone is NOT cooperating, so the bathroom post will be saved for another day when I have figured the picture thing out. boo, I know.

next stop, Manila!

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