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ROAD TRIP!! Manila to Subic… « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


ROAD TRIP!! Manila to Subic…


Manila was a great experience, but the traffic was a bit horrendous to say the least and I’m eager to go on a bike ride that doesn’t involve doing 1-2 mile circuits repeatedly. The last few days I moved from San Juan to the financial district of Makati City to stay with my awesome friend Ria, who is apparently one of the big social coordinators for tri clubs here. :) There was more concrete and I didn’t get bit by any more mosquitoes. yaaaay… We also trained with her tri club, the Polo Triathlon Team which was awesome. I was very impressed with the number of sponsors they have, including a milk company and an air-conditioning company!

My last night in Manila I attended a fundraiser/party for Ani, one of the local triathletes and first Filipino to qualify for Kona! It was a karaoke party with live band (they called it Ani-oke) and they were raising money for her trip to Hawaii. It was incredible the amount of people that showed up to support her from the Filipino triathlon community–at least 5 or 6 triathlon clubs were represented…Fitness First, Polo Tri, Tri Dogs, Tri Hard, boys from Pampanga, more that I don’t remember as I didn’t even realize there were so many tri clubs here! I fulfilled my duties representing teamTBB and as maybe the only American, performing the requisite Britney Spears and later Madonna. HEHEHE :D

The next morning, Ria and I loaded up the car for a ROAD TRIP! to Subic. (oh, I almost forgot to say we stopped by Makati Cinema Square before leaving so I could stock up on some dirt cheap DVD’s…all the latest movies and TV show series I missed while too busy training and working at home…! hehehe) We left the traffic of the city and I was stunned at how beautiful and green the land became…with mountains and wide, open spaces stretching out so far!

roadtrip1 roadtrip2 roadtrip3

and then, we were there!


I then proceeded to move my belongings into the Grand Seasons Hotel. It is strange to be living in a hotel for nearly 2 months, this is by far better than the Motel 6 I’m accustomed to! In fact the toilet paper was folded to a much fancier point than any hotel I’ve ever been in:

(I know, you all probably think I have some weird bathroom fetish…)

it is pretty spacious here, I could almost do a cartwheel in my room!
hotel2 hotel1

anyway I have now completely unpacked and went to the grocery store right behind the hotel to stock up the mini fridge. There’s no kitchen or microwave, but there is a water boiler…prepping meals here will be a little tricky but to my delight there is also a Chow King within walking distance which is a really big Chinese fast food chain here. I’d never tried it before but was completely impressed with their congee, a rice porridge that my mom also makes at home (we call it “jook”) and tastes just like hers too! I had that today for lunch with a side of veggies and it came out to 58 pesos….(the exchange rate is ~46 pesos = $1 USD).

I want to give a very big thanks to both the Concepcion family and Ria for hosting me in Manila and welcoming me to my first trip to the Philippines. Now it is time for some serious training in Subic!

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