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getting down with the local triathletes « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


getting down with the local triathletes

as mentioned, my last night in Manila was spent meeting and singing with a TON of the local triathletes. Because we all know that Step #3 of How to Become an Asian Triathlon Superstar is: get to know your local triathletes and learn how they throw it down, Pinoy style!

The karaoke party was thrown as the Kona send-off for Ani De Leon, one of the top Filipina triathletes and coaches here who is COMPLETELY loved by the tri community. Apparently the Magnet Cafe in Manila regularly has live band karaoke, which is so much more fun…aside for the lack of bouncing ball, which threw me off more than once. :P here are some really fun photos of the event:

the guest of honor herself:

ani-oke3 ani-oke7 ani-oke5

and here is me and Ria, collectively we are the two tallest women in the whole country (she is 5’10″). we sang a couple duets together, namely “Like a Virgin” and “Bitch.”


oh, SO MUCH FUN! Filipinos are not shy about singing, and they all can sing pretty decently too! ….meanwhile, here in Subic I am learning my way around. Mat came by last night with a pineapple for a welcome gift (aw!) and today I biked to the pool for a swim at the Brent School. I got the whole pool to myself and the water temp wasn’t as warm as I thought it would be, good thing Mat had briefed me on which lane to swim in! I’m also trying to figure out how to cook meals in my hotel bathroom so I don’t have to keep eating out, it is tricky, but I’ll make it work!

it’s been raining a lot in the late afternoon so I’ve learned to do my bikes in the morning and early afternoon. Apparently it is rainy season now, I asked Ria “why didn’t you WARN me it would rain so much?” and she says “I did!! Remember, I told you to bring your rain jacket and wellies!” oh. but I had gotten so distracted wondering what the heck “wellies” were that I missed the whole warning…

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