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I went back into Manila last weekend to attend the wake of my cousin’s father-in-law, Tito Rollie–or as the munchkins called him, Daddy-lo (“Grandpa”). His health had been declining and he passed away last week. While sad, I was glad I had the opportunity to stay with and get to know him at the Concepcion house my first week in Manila. Even though it was my first time meeting him, I was welcomed and treated just like family and shared many meals together. Mommy-la (his widow) actually stays at my cousin Vicki’s house in South San Francisco when she is visiting her grandchildren in the US, so I see her quite often as I am over there at least once a week when I’m at home (they live just 2 miles away). I enjoy playing with the kids and Vicki likes to feed me lots of “fat-free” food like cake and pie and ice cream. MMMMM ;)

I miss the little hobbits. Cayle is 6 and a total girly-girl who does ballet and wears a lot of pink. She hates practicing piano even though she is the one who begged her mom for piano lessons, but she will happily play me some songs when I am over there.


Brandon is 4 and already bigger than his sister, he used to be a chubby little cherub and carrying him was like hoisting a “sack of rice” as my mom used to say. But now he is stretching out, started taking swimming lessons right before the Olympics and caught on quickly. The two kids were enamored with Michael Phelps and asked me one time “Jo-jo, is Michael Phelps faster than…YOU??” Oh how can I not be flattered? “Hahaha…Yes!…but just a little faster.” Now he tells everyone he is going to swim faster than Michael Phelps! yeah! Vicki and the kids couldn’t make it over here since school is in session, so I helped represent the Chinese side of the Concepcion family.


As matriarch of the family, Mommy-la had her hair up in a pretty Audrey Hepburn hairstyle and it was good to see a lot of the Concepcion siblings and relatives, many had flown in from the US. There were a lot of familiar faces, but I wasn’t always sure where I had met them–here in the Philippines or back home? And then a lot of them told me they read my blog! lol. The weirdest part was that the media was there, taking a ton of photos and doing interviews, but the family seemed to be used to it. The last time I had been to a funeral was in 1989, when my own grandfather died, and actually, I just realized I wasn’t much older than Cayle. So I just wanted to give the Concepcions my condolences and say that I enjoyed the brief time I was able to spend with Daddy-lo; he was a brilliant man and I know that he will be missed.

In the meantime, I know everyone has been asking how training and Subic is. Our head coach comes in this weekend, so things are about to get cranked up for sure! There is a local half ironman this Saturday, the White Rock Triathlon, but I will not be racing as I’m heading back to Pampanga for another prosthetic mission. Then I’ll be back in time for the triathlon after party ;) There is a potential plan for a prosthetics & wheelchair mission here in Olongapo too…so that is exciting!

thanks for reading everybody. I will try to update more, and with fun pictures of course, but that will depend on my free time and energy level now that the real boot camp is about to begin!

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