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my new favorite shirt

I got the most hilarious shirt at one of the clothing stalls in Olongapo. It’s so funny I just HAD to buy it! and then blog about it!! It’s a cartoon of a ninja on a toilet and it makes NO SENSE. It would be funny if it just had a ninja on a toilet. but the inexplicable caption makes it two times as funny. Now if I am feeling too beat up by Coach’s workouts to smile, all I have to do is look at my ninja shirt and it NEVER fails to crack me up:


here it is, zoomed in:


say what? The funniest part is that it says “EXPLANATION” at the top…and it’s true…this shirt needs an explanation! but what is it??? obviously something got lost in translation…all the best t-shirts here have that in common!

It is also one of a kind, but if I can find another one, I MUST get one for my good friend Lettie in Atlanta, who was always a big fan of toilet humor and poop jokes. have a fun day!

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