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Rest Days Part I « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


Rest Days Part I


How to Become an Asian Triathlon Superstar, Step #10: Take your rest days seriously!

Last weekend we rookies got 2 rest days in a row. Let me tell you, we were confused. Miss South Africa and I decided to be tourists on the first morning off, and took a short 3-block jog to the boardwalk with her camera to take some pictures of Subic Bay, the statues and memorials. Unfortunately this was a terrible idea as we passed by Coach on his morning jaunt and were given a very deadly look, and were later sternly reprimanded (made embarassingly infamous by the rookie thread in the team forum) for being naughty little rookies.

Well. Lesson learned: no running on rest days; it is important to rest my bones so I don’t get injured. So now we know, and well, we have some tourist photos for your viewing pleasure…
subic1 subic2 subic3 subic5 subic6 subic4

more fun and photos about the next rest day to follow soon.

as for a cast update on the freshman squad, we now have an American American, Blake. (Manny likes to emphasize he is CUBAN-American, like how I emphasize I am CHINESE-American, since we all know what Coach thinks of Americans. :) But Blake, he is our All American boy.) I remember Blake from when we both raced in the collegiate division at IM Wisconsin. The best part about having Blake here is that when he gets yelled at by Coach, that is less yelling at me.

Maki and Hiro have also joined me on the quest to become Asian Triathlon Superstars, although it is arguable that they are already triathlon superstars in Japan. I met them previously at Ironman China and we now bring the Asian fraction of this current Subic squad to ONE-THIRD! Our biggest question of course, is if they can understand Sutto Speak… as we silly Americans have some trouble as it is. and we speak English…haha…

Beck has arrived too, although her bag with the vegemite (and her clothes and other more important things) got temporarily lost and is on its way to Subic from Manila. any day now! It is definitely more fun with more athletes here now…like I said…I think I am getting yelled at less now…or it just seems so because there are more people for Coach to yell at.

I love camp!

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