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The Vegemite tasting « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


The Vegemite tasting

One of the coolest parts about being a part of an international team is meeting and training with people from different parts of the world. You learn about how there are more sheep in New Zealand than people (and now I understand the sheep jokes associated with Kiwi Keegan) and tomorrow we might have a little Halloween outing as our friends from Japan and South Africa have never celebrated Halloween. In South Africa they also call stoplights “robots”–overheard yesterday, “I can’t believe we caught that big robot green!!”–and phlegm is referred to as “GUNGE.” Which I think is a GREAT word for phlegm! It’s like The Attack of the Killer GUNGE!! Before Beck came, she asked me if there was anything from Australia she should bring and after a small think (she certainly couldn’t bring me a koala bear or kangaroo), I declared “VEGEMITE!!”

I had never seen or tasted vegemite before, I just know it is an Aussie thing from one of those Village People songs. Something about how “she just looked at me and gave me a vegemite sandwich…” Beck said she would also bring “Chico’s” which she said are the best “lollies,” chocolate flavor.


So she came over yesterday with this big tube of…vegemite! I didn’t expect it to come in a TUBE. She said it was the travel-size version and usually comes in a jar. I spread what I thought was a thin layer on a piece of bread and it really does look like a dark chocolate spread. I had a bite…and wowwww it is SALTY!! it tasted like soy sauce! I wouldn’t say it was awful, just extremely strange. I certainly wouldn’t ever have a soy sauce sandwich. She said it tastes good with cheese. ?!?! I don’t like cheese either, and can’t imagine a cheese and vegemite sandwich. It needed a lot of water…it was super salty! That was my reaction, I kept saying “It tastes like soy sauce!” She also said what I thought was a thin layer of spread was actually pretty thick. huh.

Then there were the Chico’s. I thought by “lollies” she meant lollipops, but apparently lollies are like fruit snacks. So Chico’s are like little fruit snacks shaped like kids (think Sour Patch Kids but with more definition and no sour powder) and with a chocolate taste. Those were yummy! (Later when we were at the Mini Stop convenience store, she spied Tootsie Rolls and said she had never heard of them before. We might have to have a Tootsie Roll tasting and I can teach her the Tootsie Roll dance that was popular in middle school. “To the left, to the left…to the right, to the right…”)

This tasting occurred within an hour before our big track session last night. The first 15 mins of the run I thought I might vomit. (“stupid vegemite,” I thought.) Then my stomach settled down and I had a really great session. Powered by Vegemite!!

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