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now for…PROSTHETICS boot camp! « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


now for…PROSTHETICS boot camp!

it is my last night in Manila as I’ve decided I can proudly return to my home country now that I know who won the presidential election. Otherwise I would have stayed here and found a 5’6″ Pinoy boy as I’m told no guys here are 6’5″…the tall ones are 5’6″. even the basketball players. I’m SERIOUS!!

The past two days have been fun and challenging as I’ve shifted my focus from rookie boot camp in Subic to…prosthetics boot camp in Manila! Pamela is a 20yo patient who needed a hip disarticulation prosthesis…so we were basically given two days to cast, modify, fabricate, fit, and deliver it! She is here in Manila until January for chemotherapy treatments but since I was only here for a few days, they wanted me to lead the project and see the whole thing through. Pretty fun actually, to be team leader and turn around the making of a prosthesis so quickly with all the materials at my disposal and technicians to help out. Actually I don’t think I’ve EVER made a leg this fast, and this was a more complicated case than your average leg amputation!

here are a few pics but there are A TON MORE (well, hundreds) that I will have to upload to a web album, because if there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that Filipinos are VERY CAMERA-HAPPY.



I was as proud as a mom watching Pamela take her first steps…and she just kept going! We quickly moved from using a walker to crutches, and she just kept going and going! (I know, I said that already.) I was stunned because she had chemo in the morning and was supposedly a little tired. Yes, there was a mixture of pride and relief…I actually *did* learn something in school and residency. (phew!)


anyway I am happy to be leaving on such a positive note.
Phase One of “Project Wongstar–Philippines” has been a success!
bon voyage!

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