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back to work so soon?! « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


back to work so soon?!


hey guys, well I just completed my first work week since returning home 9 days ago. It’s great to be home again…I already ate the two things I was craving while in the Philippines: 1) fresh strawberries and 2) guacamole (in a steak fajita burrito from Chipotle MMM!). I thought driving here would be strange after not driving for two months, but it’s actually quite easy as people tend to stay in their proper lanes and not make their own. The price of gas (or “petrol” haha) actually went DOWN $2 per gallon while I was gone, which is insane, as the cheapest here is only $2.24/gallon. That’s the cheapest it’s been in years!!

I got over the jet lag pretty quick sleep-wise, except I was kind of constipated in the mornings the first week (TMI??). Also it is now reverse culture shock: I am blown away by the American portion sizes when eating out, but soon it will seem normal again and I will just have to remember that I don’t have to eat the whole damn meal! It also seems very cold here now that it’s not 90 degrees every day (32C) and super humid. Earlier this week it was in the high 50′s (14-15C) but this weekend is very nice, over 70 (21C). (note: I’m putting both the Celsius and Fahrenheit temps not just for the benefit of international readers but for my own. I vow to be bilingual in temperature language soon.) With the drop in temps I no longer have a strong desire for 7-11 Slurpees, Mini Stop soft-serve ice cream or carbonated beverages. So I haven’t been into a local 7-11 to verify that indeed, the biggest Slurpee size in the Philippines is the smallest size here, or that we have 4-6 different flavor offerings as opposed to just green apple and bubblegum.

I’ve been laying low because my first 2 board exams for prosthetics are next week, so I’ve been studying when not working and training. I’m back at Gary’s office as a part-time orthotist and prosthetics assistant and he has been the coolest boss ever. I’ve got more flexible hours so I can get in my training without sacrificing sleep and get home before it gets dark (around 5pm now). Plus he knows I’ll be back at camp in February, so I’m also “seasonal.” I think my workmates might soon get sick of hearing my stories from the Philippines, though. I miss being at rookie camp so I’m always talking about it here! Seriously, I’m like the girl in American Pie who keeps saying “…and this one time, at band camp…”

anyway, I did promise more pictures and stuff from my work in Manila, but that will have to wait at least another week. It is cram time! The next phase of Project Wongstar is to PASS THE BOARD EXAMS!! The one picture above is just me at the Manila clinic posing with all the legs that were about to be delivered at the 3rd prosthetics mission in Pampanga. Giving out new legs is always my favorite part!

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