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a winter break update « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


a winter break update

well hello, it’s winter break from the triathlon academy known as teamTBB training camp, and there’s really been no racing going on in my hemisphere at this part of the year. Transitioning back to home again has been ok, although I must admit I feel a little strange like Harry Potter does when he goes from Hogwarts back to the Muggle world during his school breaks. It is odd in that my peers here all have so-called “real” jobs, they are kind of “normal” whereas I sometimes feel like a fictional character…one who trains as many hours per week (or more) than I work at my own “real” job making legs and braces. anyway since I can’t report on races that I haven’t done, I can give you a full report on what I have been doing outside of training and working to save up some money for the next camp!

1. board exams for my certification in prosthetics. I took the first two exams (both computerized) just 2 weeks after returning home and just in time for the jet lag to wear off. Those went okay. The third and final one is the most nerve-wracking, I will have to fly out to Dallas so I can get grilled in person and demonstrate my mad skills on real patient models. That’s in 3 weeks. *gulp* I probably won’t know if I passed until I am overseas again.

2. I had pancakes for my 27th birthday and pie for Thanksgiving. I was born on the eve of Thanksgiving, our national holiday for when we stuff ourselves with turkey and pie, so that has always been one of my favorite holidays! :) For my birthday a bunch of my childhood friends took me karaoke-ing at a place that had private singing rooms, not unlike in the Philippines. After singing ourselves hoarse until nearly 2am, we topped off the night by going to get pancakes where I finally got the chocolate chip pancakes I had been dying to have while at rookie camp. haha! the rookies will remember that whenever we ate at Pancake House I would always look longingly (droolingly) at the choc chip pancakes on the menu and instead, order something more….sensible. ;)


3. Twilight. enough said. I only bought two items on “Black Friday,” which is the day after Thanksgiving and officially the start of the Christmas shopping season with uber sales at every store: the first Twilight book and a CD of the New Kids on the Block: Greatest Hits. (HAHA) At first I wasn’t sure that I liked the Bella character because she is so clumsy and awkward, then I remembered that I too was very clumsy and awkward in high school (my track coach never let me run the hurdles because I once tripped over a speed bump during a cross country race my freshman year). And it can be argued that I am still rather awkward when around very tall and/or gorgeous guys. Hmmm… then I saw the movie. and read the 2nd book. and then the 3rd. and then the 4th. and now I, too, want an Edward for Christmas.


4. I crashed Stanford University’s triathlon prom. This is just another variation of Step #3 of How to Become an Asian Triathlon Superstar is: get to know your local triathletes and learn how they throw it down… and ok, technically I didn’t crash it if I conned one of the Stanford guys into asking me to go as his date. My prosthetics residency was loosely affiliated with Stanford, and so I’ve been on their tri team’s email list. I don’t ever train with them but keep an eye out for their social events…so that, you know, I can meet some hot triathlete boys my age. So when the invitation for the “Winter Formal/Masquerade” came into my inbox, I did something that is not uncharacteristic of me…I hit “reply all” and asked if any of the guys needed a date. :) and hmm, I actually got 4 responses. I picked the one who sounded most fun and it turned out he is a military officer too. I voted for him to go in his dress uniform, as I remembered how Caroline had the hugest crush on the Marines in Subic until they came off the ships and she realized how gross and badly behaved they were. I borrowed a princess dress from my sister, who was a UCLA sorority girl, and we had a blast. There certainly wasn’t an open bar at my high school prom. But most importantly, we looked damn good!


triprom1 jason_jocelyn triprom3

My date was so chivalrous and well-mannered and well, civilized, that I wondered if all the Marines in Subic had missed the etiquette course?? then again they did not go to West Point. So I just wanted to say that despite the negative impression of US military guys we had in Subic…some of them actually have the etiquette of Edward Cullen!! go Team Edward :D

5. I saw the Killers LIVE. For my birthday, first mate Christine got us really great seats to a huge rock concert put on by a local radio station and one of my absolute favorite bands was headlining…the KILLERS!!! There was also Jack’s Mannequin, Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand, and Death Cab for Cutie, but I was incredibly stoked for the Killers. I stood up and sang and danced along to all 15 of their songs and you just couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. that was awesome beyond words.


that’s all the fun for now, Christmas is just around the corner. Weather-wise it has been the coldest winter in California in the entire 27 years of my life, which I know isn’t saying much since we are still above freezing, but I haven’t biked outside in over a week. instead I am watching all kinds of animated DVD movies from my niece and nephew’s private collection while on the trainer…twice a day…Cinderella III, Madagascar, the Tigger Movie… oh yeah, and for my own private collection, I recently acquired the DVD of my absolute favorite childhood movie–the Chipmunk Adventure!! (My sister was Brittany, the bossy one, while I was always Eleanor, the fat one.)


ok, more news soon when I have something else exciting to report!

in the meantime, happy holidays everybody :)

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