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happy 2009!

hello everybody, I just came home from a weekend in Dallas, taking my last of the prosthetics board exams. 6 whole hours of getting grilled by a panel of experts…very nerve-wracking and I had half a cup of coffee before the exam began as I thought it would help keep me alert–it started at 7am in Texas, which is 5am California time. As I’m not a regular coffee drinker, this actually caused my heart to race faster and even my first patient model was mouthing to me “RELAX!!” It wasn’t too bad and I have a strong feeling that I passed, the hardest part was staying calm and not getting so nervous you blanked out. And as the exam progressed, it did get easier as I got more relaxed and realized they weren’t testing me on anything unreasonable that I didn’t do almost every day in the clinic. Phew! Now I am just glad that it’s over and I can spend some of those studying hours training instead! and instead of packing textbooks, I can pack more clothes and food for the next training camp… ;)

I’ve got 3 more weeks at home here before flying back out to the Philippines. It’s been exciting seeing some new team members pop up on the website recently, and talking to some of them about what to expect at rookie camp. (since when did I become the go-to expert on all things rookie camp??) I’ve been packing up the care package to send to camp; don’t worry Doc, there’s no Nutella this time, although since I will be rooming with Caroline the “battery girl,” if you find any Nutella in our apartment, it’s not mine!!

Other than that, I cut off almost all my hair last week so I might have to do a blog with pictures. My 25yo cousin had chemo before I left for the last rookie camp and now that her hair is growing back, I didn’t think she should be the only one with really cute short hair! Ah, it is so much easier and I think it is going to be awesome having short hair when training somewhere hot and humid. Especially when you take 4 showers every day. hehe. :)

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