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the obligatory Tokyo airport blog post. « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


the obligatory Tokyo airport blog post.

hiiii it’s your favorite future Asian Triathlon Superstar checking in from the Tokyo airport. I realized while flying that it’s my 3rd trip to Asia in only 10 months, such a far cry from just a year ago, when I had never been overseas as of February 2008.

now it’s starting to feel like same ole, same ole! the cool toilets with the bidets and musical “flushing sound,” being spoken to in Japanese because I may very well be…and of course feeling extremely tall. The girls here are all…shoulder level. ha!!!

I pulled an all-nighter last night getting things ready and my attempt to trick the jet-lag fairy. (Someone suggested this on the forum.) I then slept the first half of the flight and decided it was time to pretend it was “morning” and now I am very alert! (It is currently 5pm here and midnight at home.) I think it’s working. It feels like the afternoon!

best of all I didn’t get charged for my bike! woohoo! There was a very nice, cute strapping young Japanese fellow who checked me and Blue Steel in. (I’m flying Japan Airlines.) I tried to wow him/distract him by mentioning my triathlon training camp adventure. Ah the little victories. I love flying through Japan. They are so nice and cordial and peaceful. with great little rice snacks and mochis and green tea…

next stop Manila!! :)

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