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Valentine’s Date with Training Camp « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


Valentine’s Date with Training Camp


The morning of Valentine’s Day I packed up my many things and said goodbye to Casa Concepcion in Manila, making my way up to Subic Bay (at last!) for a date with Coach and my many new teammates. Wow our team is big! I missed half of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre but got in the second half that ran well into the evening. There are over 20 bikes that are lined up against the bleachers when we’re running our laps. Pretty cool! The atmosphere is extremely motivating. I’m living with Caroline (aka “Battery” or “Miss South Africa”) and Angela (“Miss Avia”) and we actually have a REAL kitchen and REAL refrigerator. I know, so exciting (!!!) after living out of the hotel and “secretly” cooking in the bathroom. And now I can actually buy raw meat and it won’t go bad after one day in the mini-bar. Of course after 2 weeks of less-than-ideal training and doing half of a Valentine’s massacre, I was tired enough last night that I pulled a Donna and had cereal for dinner.

This afternoon we had a team bonding experience over at Frank’s place, Playa Papagayo, just a short jeepney ride outside of the base. But first I went over on a little trip to Clark (the former US Air Force Base, about a 40-min drive out of Subic). They’ve just opened up a new prosthetics center at Clark Polytechnic and invited me over for the grand opening ceremony. I’m gonna have to arrange to head over there sometime to work on the arm patient we casted in Zamboanga. I was under the impression that they just “don’t do arms” here in the Philippines but oh lucky day, here is a prosthetist from America that just happens to be here… so this guy is my “special project.” I will get pictures posted up from the two missions after I get them uploaded.

In the meantime I will leave you with How to Become an Asian Triathlon Superstar, Step #12: Get comfortable in front of the camera. Someday soon when I’m an international hotshot and the magazines all come calling with their fancy cameras, it will be important that I can take pictures without grimacing when I try to smile (like that episode of Friends with Chandler hahahahahaha). So I did some practicing on my last mission…as you can see, it’s not all work and no fun! I couldn’t help myself…and no, it wasn’t Disneyland, it was the Governor’s Provincial Guest House. Which happened to have just absolutely fabulous lawn decor. The cast of Disney characters were practically begging for a photoshoot with the Wongstar. and if you don’t know me very well, this gives you a glimpse into the Wongstar personality. Enjoy!


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