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Starbucks Comes to Subic! « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


Starbucks Comes to Subic!


for the past couple weeks we’ve seen the signs and construction happening on the corner of the intersection by our supermarket, Royal. We didn’t want to get our hopes up too much, because construction here is a bit hit-or-miss. Sometimes things here are really quickly built up, but then there are other construction projects (like the one lane on our airport road loop) that seem to be permanently “under construction.”

Well it turns out today was the big day! Grand opening day! Jonnyo, Caroline, Scott and I biked over after our uber long morning run. I’m continuing to work on my bomb-proof running style that I will get to unleash on my very unsuspecting competitors soon enough… Unlike most Americans, I’m not a very big coffee drinker (in fact I am pretty sensitive to caffeine). Then again, as previously mentioned, I am not so American, am I? I do love the smell of coffee and really love coffee ice cream (Jamoca Almond Fudge!) but of course am not having much ice cream right now (on that mission to become a lean machine). Almost like how my roommate Angela loves the smell of toast but doesn’t actually eat any toast? But I digress…

It was a momentous day. I had to help commemorate the opening of the first Starbucks in Subic! I had also just found out from my brother that I have passed the last of my prosthetic board exams (YAAAAY!) so I was (and still am, and still will be) very stoked and in a very jolly celebratory mood. What better way to celebrate than to enjoy a frou-frou coffee drink?

so?? It was very much like a Starbucks anywhere else in the world. Ah, the power of a well-known franchise. (Just like The Bike Boutique stores!) It was just like going into any Starbucks at home. “Tall” is still a small (hahaha...more relevant in this country) and the baristas are super friendly. As I scoured the menu though, I spotted just the beverage I had to try…under the Frappuccinos there was an unfamiliar one called “Coffee Jelly.” whoaaa! Now what was this? Sounds like a special Asianized frou-frou coffee drink! This I had to order. I got a tall (small!) Frappuccino Light Coffee Jelly, no whip. (a lean machine, baby. A lean machine!!)

Here is what it looks like. Yum! You won’t find this at any American Starbucks!


So I came to realize another step to How to Become An Asian Triathlon Superstar. Step #13: enjoy and embrace your jelly-filled Asian beverages. (But of course drink them at appropriate times like after a longer session if they are super sugary.) See, we Asians like to throw in random jelly bits into all kinds of beverages and it blows my mind that not everybody likes having little jelly bits in their drinks. Two of my favorite drinks that I get here locally are grass jelly drink and buko (young coconut) juice with pulpy bits. The grass jelly drink is something I used to have at my grandma’s house when I was young and it tastes so good after a long hot bike ride! Then of course there was the boba/tapioca milk tea phenomenon when I was in college. Yes, we Asians like our jelly-filled drinks. Caroline thinks having random stuff floating in your drinks is disgusting. That is why she will never be an Asian Triathlon Superstar. (Other than the obvious Reason #1: she is not Asian.)

Training is going so well that Coach is even letting me race the Singapore 70.3 triathlon (Note: that’s a half ironman, Mom and Dad.) I’m very happy to toe the line at my second race here in Asia (the first was Ironman China last year) and will be on the lookout for more jelly drinks in Singapore. Obviously racing in Asia is another requirement in the path to becoming an Asian Triathlon Superstar.

a cheers to Starbucks and jelly drinks!
The Wongstar

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