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breaking up isn’t so hard to do… « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


breaking up isn’t so hard to do…

…when you have someone way sexier, faster…and 3 years younger waiting in the wings.

sorry Blue Steel (2006 Cervelo P2C), it was not meant to be. we had some good times…our first (and second! and third!) trip overseas, our first ironman in the pro division, our first sub-5 half ironman, our first pro training camp. We even made it past the one year mark. Now how many men in my life can claim that…? Memories I’ll always cherish but I had to move on.


so the new guy. his name is Khan the Warrior Horse (2009 Cervelo P2C). I am totally madly in love with him.

in case you were wondering, Khan is the name of Mulan‘s horse in the Disney movie.


How to Become an Asian Triathlon Superstar, Step #14: name your bike after some obscure but meaningful Asian-inspired reference.

Mulan is a legendary Chinese warrior heroine who joined the all-male army in place of her father, cutting off all her hair and disguising herself as a boy to help fight the Huns who have invaded China. In the movie she goes to training camp (!!!) which has a very grueling training schedule for the soldiers. At this camp, Mulan is pretty pathetic, in fact, she is the absolute worst of all the new recruits and they even ask her to leave as she is so bad. so weak and SLOW and uncoordinated! She probably can’t even do 100 push-ups (certainly not the manly way) and I bet her swim stroke was awful. But she ultimately learns to HTFU and impresses the captain with her determination and consistent hard work, eventually earning the respect and friendship of her fellow soldiers. She becomes one of China’s greatest warriors and returns home a big heroine.


Sound familiar? I came into this grueling training camp as one of the weakest (if not THE weakest) recruits athletically. Coincidentally enough I even cut off all my hair before coming this time. ;) I was even afraid Coach would send me home during the first week… well now I have my new horse and the two of us are working our BUTTS off here at training camp to also prove ourselves to Coach and my fellow “soldiers.” We are learning to HTFU and training hard with the goal of defeating the enemy in China…Ironman China!

Yesterday we had our first round of hill repeats together and let me tell you, we smashed up those f*cking hills. that is what I told Khan the Warrior Horse each time we got back to the bottom of the hill…”we are going to smash up this f*cking hill….we are going to smash up this f*cking hill…” (HA and Angela doesn’t think I ever use swear words…!) And we really did! We smashed up those f*cking hills much faster than I ever went up with Blue Steel.

You know what I think really helped? check out the picture of Khan…compare him to Blue Steel…the big difference? that’s right! I got BIG GIRL TIME TRIAL BARS!! for the first time after 9 years of triathlon. The front end feels so much lighter and I am really able to grab those sexy red bars and use them to smash up those f*cking hills. Obviously I’m so much more aerodynamic on the flats and downhills. Yup, Oval Concepts makes some really sexy aerobars and I am really excited to be going faster already! The whole set-up just screams FAST!


After acquiring my new companion, I even went to get some color in my hair to match the new bike and new aerobars. In Chinese culture, red is both the color of good luck and happiness. It is my mom’s favorite color too. She’s probably excited I got my first RED bike. Not sure how thrilled she is with the red hair though. Good thing I am living on the other side of the world right now. And I’m not in high school any more either. (sometimes she forgets.)


Thank you Cervelo and thank you Oval Concepts. And thank you Eddie at Going Straight Salon in Olongapo for the new rock star hair. We are ready to rock the triathlon world now!


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