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post-Singapore check-in « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


post-Singapore check-in

Singapore was a fantastic trip!!! Here I am with the hottest new member of the Cervelo family…

photo credit: Richard Leong

He’s a little out of my league, but Khan the Warrior Horse and I have an “open relationship” so he doesn’t mind that I flirt with other bikes…hehe… In spite of the hauling of the heavy bike case through airports and dismantling and reassembling of the bike, I came to realize that I have become a world-traveling pro triathlete… I even successfully repressed my inner age-grouper when I kept bumping into Macca and Crowie at our swanky host hotel (the Grand Mercure Roxy, thank you race organizers!!) and at the race site. Internal dialogue went something like this:
“Whoa, it’s Macca and Crowie!”
“Be cool! you’re racing pro now too! don’t be such a nerd!”
“But it’s Macca and Crowie!”
“Shut up, don’t be such a @#$!* age grouper! Be cool!”

I tried not to get all starstruck and do something trigeeky like get their autographs or photos with them. Instead I reminded myself that as a rising Asian Triathlon Superstar, soon it will be the age-groupers asking for MY autograph. :D Coach Brett actually featured me in his highly anticipated pre-race talk, so we could get the word out about my prosthetics work with the social projects. And because I have the most “normal” body type on the team. HA!! Sure enough by the end of the weekend I was getting my picture taken with starstruck age-groupers.


As you can see I got my hair streaked hot pink to match the new race kit right before the race…it’s so hot pink I feel like a cartoon character. Here’s a fierce photo of me rocking the run:

pure awesomeness!

You can see that the guy next to me is just in awe of my pure awesomeness. Good thing he’s wearing shades, otherwise he may go blind from overexposure.

Overall I’m very happy with my first 70.3 race in the pro division. 8th place (out of 10 starters) and for the first time I beat all the amateur women. Like a real pro should! The times don’t reflect my improvement but it is hard to compare across different courses and conditions. My run was actually a 70.3 personal best…YES, even though I ran the fastest marathon of my life on the track just 5 days before the race. And aside from the winner, it was within a few minutes of all the other pro women (even the girl who got 8th place in the Olympics!!) so I think we’re onto something here. I think I’m learning I can run off the bike pretty well.

I’ll post up a proper race report shortly, and yes I know my mission reports are overdue too. But I’ll have more time, I’m now without roommates in the green house as Angela moved out last week and the Bean just left today. :(

also it was good to meet a lot of you in Singapore who read my blog. Thanks for all your support and congratulations to everyone who raced on Sunday!! :)

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