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my ceiling fell down so I had to write a blog about it. « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


my ceiling fell down so I had to write a blog about it.

this one time, at training camp, the ceiling fell down in my bedroom…

‘Twas my last night in Subic, so after my last workout, I biked into town for my new pre-race ritual…getting my hair colored. Fluorescent red this time. Good luck red for China. Since I was in the mall, I got distracted by the vendors and went shopping for one final time (in Subic anyway). I got 2 “Swatch” watches, 6 pairs of sunglasses (including 4 pairs of “Oakleys” for a grand total of $12), some shirts…and many “suspiciously inexpensive” DVD’s. I got home a little late, made myself a dinner and brought it next door to watch the last 15mins of Grey’s Anatomy with the girls. Not more than 5mins later, Dumpstar bangs on the door to announce that the ceiling in my room had fallen in. It was loud enough to wake him up (sometimes he goes to bed by 8pm) and he thought someone had broken into our place to steal our Cervelo bikes.

Donna thought he was 2 weeks late for an April Fool’s joke, but I headed back, expecting just a small chunk of ceiling missing. Instead, I walked in my room and screamed.


see the bright light on the floor at the bottom of the photo? that was the ceiling light.


It looks like some kind of natural disaster. An earthquake? A tornado in my room?



Apparently there was some kind of leak upstairs that eventually rotted the ceiling. There were chunks of dripping insulation that had fallen on the very bed that I sleep on.


Totally gross: earlier in the morning I had laid out all my clothes I was getting ready to pack all over my bed. So now all my clean fresh clothes were covered in that nasty fluffy pink stuff along with white plastery ceiling.


Housekeeping came by, along with the property manager, and they quickly cleared out the room and threw all my clothes in the laundry. Scott and I started disassembling our bikes in the living room when I realized that they had taken my BlueSeventy wetsuit and speedsuit… I ran across the street just in time–the laundry girls were debating in Tagalog whether to throw my wetsuit in the washing machine, and I barely rescued the speedsuit from the fate of the rinse cycle.

So who’s to say nothing exciting ever happens at training camp? Being a typical superstitious Chinese person (“zhong-guo-ren!”), I’m taking it as a lucky omen for the race, because I was very lucky I wasn’t asleep in my bed or even packing for the race in my room. Procrastination always pays off! I think if I had a chunk of ceiling fall on my head, or heaven forbid, on my precious LEGS, that may have put me in bad shape for the race. But I am a lucky girl, with good luck red hair now.

Here are some photos from the morning after…as the ceiling continued to peel away and fall onto my former bed.



***this blog was written while sitting in the emergency exit row between Donna and Tereza on the flight from Singapore to Haikou. next stop, China!***

update: we’re now in China, settled into our rooms here at the Crown Spa Resort. Khan the Warrior Horse has been re-assembled and the hotel girls are kind of excited that I have my little Chinese flag stickers on the seatpost. More photos and blogs to come soon, stay tuned!

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