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photos on the way to China and in China « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


photos on the way to China and in China

The Wongstar and Khan the Warrior Horse have safely journeyed to China.


Here is Khan proudly showing off his Chinese flag sticker on his seatpost. Right under his new matching red ISM Adamo saddle and matching red bottle cages:


Ok but first here are some pictures taken from our flight to China. I traveled with Donna, Scott, and Tereza, and we were happy to have emergency exit row seats so we could stretch out our legs…but I made sure to take it very seriously after watching Air Crash Investigation with the Bean.


I wasn’t sure Tereza realized what a huge responsibility sitting here was:


And Scott fell asleep…but as long as he can wake up when they yell “Evacuate! Evacuate!” and knows what to do, we’ll be ok:


…so obviously we made it to Haikou safely and didn’t have to pull out our emergency exit evacuation skills.

Today we went to the supermarket. You know you’re in China when all the signs give you childhood flashbacks of Chinese school.



You can find almost anything here in the grocery store that you would find at home…and then some….

Like Pringles…


or M & M’s…

and Manny was telling us they didn’t have peanut butter in China. I call bullsh**! they even have Skippy brand. and I know this cuz…I can read “Skippy” in Chinese….can’t you?


and what did they have here that they don’t have at home….STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE cookies!!! whoa can you say “blast from the past”??? I haven’t seen this girl since I was 5 years old. Yup a child of the 80′s! I didn’t buy them but I had to snap a pic:


of course during race week when we aren’t sweating so much, it seems the bladder calls more often than usual. So I end this blog with my newest tip: How to Become an Asian Triathlon Superstar, Step #16: Master the “squat” for certain Asian toilets.


I’m proud to say I am getting pretty good at this. Though I can’t say I’ve tried a #2 this way, and I might fall in if this was the day after Ironman…

more soon from the beautiful island of Hainan…stay tuned!

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