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Chinese lessons

How to Become an Asian Triathlon Superstar, Step #17: Listen to your grandmother.


This is the scroll that my maternal grandmother gave me before I went away to college nearly 10 years ago. (Westmoor High School class of 1999!) She told me that the translation was something like:
“If it’s in your heart, you will get it.”

Obviously this picture was taken before the ceiling fell in. But as I was saying… I had my friend Hang translate it for me as well. I knew the first character meant “heart.” Here is Hang’s translation…

Literally it says:
xing = heart
xiang = think
shi = thing
cheng = happen or complete (successfully)

And put all together:
“If you believe in it, it will happen.”

Today I had my first TV interview with the official camera crew. I got to talk about how it feels to be a Chinese girl born and raised in the USA and “returning home” to the country of my grandparents.


Then we had the carbo-loading banquet and everyone got a little ribbon to tie to an orange tree for good luck. We also got to make a wish on it! I wished for…well, I can’t tell you or it might not come true. But remember, if you believe in it, it will happen!

As for my paternal grandmother, I’ve never met her. She passed away when my dad was a young boy in China. But I think she will be here with me on race day, just like she was last year.

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