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How to Get Over Jet Lag « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


How to Get Over Jet Lag


arrive in home airport around lunchtime.
take a 3-4 hour nap.
go to bed at midnight.

try to sleep in but wake up completely alert and starving at 5am.
visit work to say hi and negotiate work hours.
get told to start work on Monday.
(not the following Monday as had been planned/hoped.)
try to go to bed at a somewhat reasonable hour.
am somehow not tired, so write up race report instead.
fall asleep at 2am.

wake up at 12noon.
watch the Wolverine movie that the sneaky Filipinos sold you.
realize that it is the unfinished version and the exciting fight scenes still contain computer graphics and wires! laugh at the hilarity but feel totally gypped.
not tired.
fall asleep at 3am.

wake up at 10am.
sadly but voluntarily color the hot pink bits of the trademark Wongstar hair back to boring black. don’t want to give patients any reason to question my authority. :(
go to bed at 10pm.
fall asleep at 11:30pm.

wake up at 7:30am.
go for 30min run and realize after 20min that the turnaround point should’ve been at 15min, not at 30min. oops. brain lag!
go to work.
go to bed at 10pm.
fall asleep at 11:30pm.

Tuesday. wake up at 7:30am.
go to work…

rinse, repeat, and smile at some race photos my friend Jason sent:

last on the rack: Khan is a very patient warrior horse.


too much sunblock from overzealous volunteers, and Hello Pandas in my back pocket!

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