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I <3 AVIA Wildflower Part 2 « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


I <3 AVIA Wildflower Part 2

This was the first time I got to do a big race sponsored by one of our own sponsors…our running shoe company, AVIA!!! Even though I was only racing short course on Sunday, I got my own VIP badge and bracelet, and holy crap, tons of AVIA schwag–shirts, shorts, shoes, cycling kits, visors, hats, more shoes…and the COOLEST AVIA jacket. It was better than flying first class on an airplane. (Well, what I would imagine first class to be. Heck, I’ve never even flown business class.)

TeamTBB had our own autograph signing on Friday and we got mobbed of course. We graced AVIA visors with our John Hancocks. Some triathlon newbies would come up to the table and declare “I’m new in triathlon so I don’t know any of you yet, but you must be famous because you are signing autographs!” The other girls would wholeheartedly agree, point to me and say “Yeah, her! The Wongstar is the most famous!”


I came prepared as I was the only one who printed out my own autograph cards to sign, as I am working on becoming the most recognizable pro triathlete on the circuit. Of course it is not very hard when you are the only Asian-American with hot pink hair streaks. :) I managed to give out half of my stack, so I do have extra…! I have already had requests from a few blog fans (which tickles me to no end), so if you really want one, just shoot me a message using this contact form, with your mailing address and who to make it out to! ;)


I got to skip the mandatory elite athlete briefing (woohoo!) but Julie Moss who works for Tri-California (and who I didn’t realize was THE Julie Moss until the weekend was practically over) absolutely insisted I go up on stage with the rest of them for the elite athlete introductions. I tried to get out of it (“but I’m only racing short course!”) but alas the AVIA jacket and VIP badge did me in.

So I got to go up on stage, and talk smack with the unsuspecting pros who would think I was racing against them the next day. We had to say our name, where we’re from, and a career highlight.
“Hello! I’m Jocelyn Wongstar Wong and I was born and raised in California!”
*lots of cheers for the local girl*
“I had the 3rd fastest run split in Ironman China 2 weeks ago!”
*more cheers*

I’m such an attention whore… :)

Sunday bright and early I went down the hill to watch all my teammates race long course. My VIP badge gave me permission to hop all the fences I wanted, so I could take great pictures.

I got to catch all our swim finishes…easy to spot the Blue Seventy wetsuits and Scody race kits:





After Coco and Donna ran out of the water, I quickly made it over to catch them as they took off on their Cervelos:



During the nice hilly bike, I hopped on my own Cervelo in the AVIA VIP area, where there were turbo trainers strategically located so I could get in my pre-race spin.


I then did my pre-race run and swam the course with Amy and Brad. My first time swimming in the BlueSeventy Helix and it felt great! We hung out and then it was time to catch my teammates in the finish chute. Rei went by so fast the whole day that the only picture I have of him is after the finish:


Donna was happy to be done, top 10 and in the money! I think I should start charging a % of the prize money she wins every time she races in my hot pink top. Malaysia…China…and now Wildflower!


Here are some hot TBB chicks. Coach says we have the best looking team!


Post-race we got to chill out in the VIP area by the Avia RV.


I could get used to this VIP thing…

Race report will be part 3, coming up next!

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