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rather belated Ironman China photos « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


rather belated Ironman China photos

my blog is in a bit of chronological disarray, but I figure I should post my Ironman China photos before I fly out to Florida for my next block of adventures starting Friday…including but not limited to:

1. Wongstar crushes the field at Florida 70.3
2. embracing my inner nerd at Epcot Center, DisneyWorld
3. experiencing what the big deal is with NYC…Central Park, Times Square, Wall Street and the Statue of Liberty?
4. training on the Jersey shore with Scottie
5. Scottie and Wongstar go to a wedding in Queens

and a possible *bonus* blog “Wongstar makes a better bike box.”

Currently I am pretending to be my childhood hero MacGyver and constructing this better bike box. It’s going to be lightweight and durable and pretty.

ok, hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed this race…and it’s proof that I was actually smiling during the marathon. Scroll over the pics if you are interested in any of my sometimes witty, sometimes inane commentary (it’s like the director’s commentary on DVD bonus features).

As I have mentioned before, an Asian Triathlon Superstar has many friends throughout the world and a good number of them have fancy cameras. Jason from Dallas is one of them–he spent 2 months traveling abroad, starting with running the Tokyo Marathon and finishing up as part of the official camera crew for IM China. He was assigned to photograph the transition area and then got to sneak off and catch some finishers later in the day. I was lucky to have him there taking many snaps of me, there are too many to post but here are my favorites:










and this one is my absolute favorite, the last kilometer of the marathon:


Here are some random pre- and post-race shots:


I met this little Asian triathlon superstar, Hanna, who wanted to get red/pink streaks in her hair just like me. Luckily I had some temporary color spray on hand. This is at the carbo loading dinner, when we got to do a candle-lighting ceremony for good luck.

Pros get their own table!


I went to the “Meet the Pros” Q&A session to represent TeamTBB. Well, really I went to “meet the amateurs.” Tereza and Donna’s sage advice on the airplane was not to date male pros, they are too into themselves. ;) Instead amateur guys are the better option! Seems to have worked out well for both of them, so off I went.


Hanna’s parents Minsok and Bliss (who live in Singapore and Austin) both also raced the full Ironman. Minsok gave me a beacon to chase down when he saw me at the turn-around (around 30k or so) and took off! He did NOT want to get chicked! I caught up eventually but he still did well enough to nab a Kona slot! Here we are almost immediately after we both finished, with Hanna and her grandma. We kind of look like we could do another Ironman, don’t we?

The awards luncheon: my girls Donna and Tereza got called up on stage for getting top 5. I made sure we all dressed up real pretty, because that’s what teamTBB girls are known for secondly. (Firstly for being dead fast!!) Brad here decided to be my new biggest fan, after I rather loudly announced at the Meet the Pros session, “I’M SINGLE.”

hey, it was an completely legitimate answer to an actual question. Someone asked what we do about our significant others and/or children when we are off training and racing around the world. Honestly, what would you have said? ;)


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