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Wongstar and the City « Jocelyn Wong's Blog


Wongstar and the City


From Orlando I flew through Miami and landed in New York, as my college friend Joanna is getting married here next Sunday. To cut down on cross country flying, I took the week off work and will be training with Scottie in New Jersey during the week. Then we’re going to tear it up at the wedding!

So Tuesday night I stayed with Carolina, one of my best friends (as you know, an Asian Triathlon Superstar has friends all over the world). She is another California girl who I met while we were both living in Dallas back in 2006-2007… We were both a little miserable in Dallas. Until we found each other! Now she lives and works in Manhattan. I’d never been in New York City before, so she gave me a whirlwind tour of the Big Apple.


First she picked me up at Grand Central Station. My impression? It was just like the train station in the Harry Potter movies!

In New York you take the subway everywhere. I was very happy to have a local guide to show me around, I didn’t want to get lost in the big city.


Hanging out in the train station reminded me of the Matrix movies. And other movies that take place on subways. Like Sliding Doors.



I was impressed to see so many people running at night. There was a 5k run down Wall Street, at night! NYC is a really active place. There were even random signs encouraging people to exercise in order to save electricity.


We went over to Ground Zero, where there was a ton of construction going on. 9/11 happened during my sophomore year in college; I remember my engineering class was canceled (Systems Engineering or “Baby Stems” for short) which meant something REALLY BIG happened, as classes at a nerdy school pretty much never get canceled.


We went to see the memorial for all the firefighters that lost their lives during 9/11. It was impressively sobering… I guess living in California I was much more removed from the incident than those that live around here. I can understand a little better why we went to war now.


“Dedicated to those who fell and those who carry on…”


“…may we never forget.”

Next we traipsed over to Wall Street and the financial district. Here’s the Stock Exchange:


There was this fellow hanging out on a bench so we had to see what was so fascinating in his briefcase.


We both had to take a peek over his shoulder.


Then the most exciting part…Times Square!! The first thing I thought about was one of the opening scenes in Zoolander, when he walks through Times Square after the VH1 Fashion Awards debacle…yep all my preconceptions of New York are apparently based around movies.


There are a lot of musicals you can watch on Broadway.


All the stores are huge and flashy with flashy bright signs. Here’s the maker of magic running sticks:


Tons of taxis everywhere, but we took the subway instead. Much cheaper! and possibly faster!


We popped into Insieme Restaurant, so I could meet Carolina’s boyfriend Bryan, who is the Chef de Cuisine (that’s like top chef or iron chef!). It’s a really nice and fancy Italian place, definitely somewhere I would want to go on a romantic date. ;)


We headed back out to the bright lights and sat on these bright red stairs that are smack in the middle of Times Square.


I was wearing my AVIA Avi-Rhythms which are not just great for running marathons, but great for all the walking we did around the city. I’m mastering the art of packing light, so it’s good to have an all-around pair of shoes!


There were so many billboards plastered all over the city, here is one of my favorites:


now I’m hanging out at Scottie’s beach house that I heard so much about during training camp. It’s off the Jersey shore in Normandy Beach, New Jersey. I think it is worthy of another Cribs-style video blog! We just saw the American Idol season finale (no spoiler alerts here but…never mind) and tomorrow are heading out to Mac’s camp in the Brandywine Valley, Pennsylvania. I just realize I’ve never been to Pennsylvania. Apparently the states here are so small you can just take a short subway or car ride into other states. This week is all kinds of fun and new experiences!

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